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Elevate your culinary precision with our versatile Glass Measuring Cups. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, these cups are heat-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity. Each cup offers clear measurement markings for accuracy, ideal for any cooking or baking task. Featuring a variety of designs from large capacity models, low-profile options, to compact mini cups, each product is ergonomically designed for comfortable handling and easy pouring. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, our Glass Measuring Cups are an essential tool in any kitchen, offering the perfect blend of function, style, and precision.
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Customize your own wine glass

Choose Deep Customization for unique, brand-defining wine glass designs tailored to your needs. Opt for Light Customization for quick, cost-effective modifications on our standard glasses. Both ensure quality, brand-boosting results for your packaging needs.
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Deep customize (Unique Size)
Deep Customization lets you create a unique identity with tailored glass bottles. Specify size, choose material and color, brand with your logo, and select the perfect cap type. Craft your bottle from scratch, ensuring it represents your brand and meets your exact functional requirements. Truly, a bottle like no other!You can choose the right glass bottle for your business by viewing our website glass bottle details introduction
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Light Customization
Light Customization offers quick, cost-effective tweaks to our standard glass bottles. With a low MOQ of less than 3000 pieces, enhance your packaging by adding simple touches such as your logo or changing the cap type. Perfect for smaller runs or when time and budget are key considerations.
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About Reihey
We are a premier Chinese glass manufacturer, blending tradition and innovation. Our expertise lies in producing high-quality, customizable glass bottles. From deep, bespoke designs to light, cost-effective alterations, we cater to diverse packaging needs. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we turn your vision into reality.
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Thanks to our years of experience, we're great at giving professional and detailed advice and guidance in international trade, especially in payments, shipping, and after-sales service. Whether you are experienced in international trade or not, choosing Reihey will make communication and transactions smooth and enjoyable for you.
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borosilicate + handle
Precision and Durability
This borosilicate glass measuring cup is designed to withstand high temperatures while offering precise measurement markings. The sturdy handle ensures safe handling and easy pouring.
Innovative Design
This measuring cup features a large capacity and a graduated handle for precise measurements. The high borosilicate glass construction can withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for various cooking needs.
Versatile and Stylish
This versatile measuring cup doubles as a milk jug and shot glass. The double spout design and wooden handle add a touch of style, while the glass construction offers durability and precision.
Simple and Reliable
With its simple, round design, this high borosilicate glass measuring cup provides reliable and accurate measurements. Its high heat resistance makes it ideal for a variety of kitchen tasks.
ROUND + handle
Efficient and Comfortable
This round measuring cup features a comfortable handle for easy pouring. Made from high borosilicate glass, it's heat-resistant and perfect for precise measurements.
Perfect for Baking
These square baking measuring cups are great for precise measurements in baking. The ounce markings allow for exact proportions, helping you create perfect baked goods every time.
mini DOUBLE SPOUT+ handle
Compact and Handy
These mini measuring cups feature a double spout for easy pouring and a handle for comfortable use. Despite their compact size, they offer precise measurements, making them a handy tool in any kitchen.

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Production: The production time is determined by the actual order quantity. If the order volume is large or the customized project is especially complicated, more than 90% of our orders are completed within 2-3 weeks.

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