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Store your sweet treats in our Glass Jam Jars, designed to keep your products fresh and accessible. Crafted from high-quality glass, our jars come in a variety of shapes - from classic ball and round to unique diamond and hexagon. Aluminum, gold, metal, and plastic lids ensure a secure seal, preserving the flavors of your honey or jam. The wide-mouth design provides easy access, while the variety of shapes add a decorative touch to your kitchen. Whether for daily use or special occasions, our Glass Jam Jars offer a blend of practicality, durability, and style.
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Choose Deep Customization for unique, brand-defining jar designs tailored to your needs. Opt for Light Customization for quick, cost-effective modifications on our standard jars. Both ensure quality, brand-boosting results for your packaging needs.
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Deep customize (Unique Size)
Deep Customization lets you create a unique identity with tailored glass bottles. Specify size, choose material and color, brand with your logo, and select the perfect cap type. Craft your bottle from scratch, ensuring it represents your brand and meets your exact functional requirements. Truly, a bottle like no other!You can choose the right glass bottle for your business by viewing our website glass bottle details introduction
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Light Customization
Light Customization offers quick, cost-effective tweaks to our standard glass bottles. With a low MOQ of less than 3000 pieces, enhance your packaging by adding simple touches such as your logo or changing the cap type. Perfect for smaller runs or when time and budget are key considerations.
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About Reihey
We are a premier Chinese glass manufacturer, blending tradition and innovation. Our expertise lies in producing high-quality, customizable glass bottles. From deep, bespoke designs to light, cost-effective alterations, we cater to diverse packaging needs. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we turn your vision into reality.
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Thanks to our years of experience, we're great at giving professional and detailed advice and guidance in international trade, especially in payments, shipping, and after-sales service. Whether you are experienced in international trade or not, choosing Reihey will make communication and transactions smooth and enjoyable for you.
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BALL-SHAPED + aluminum cap
Classic & Secure
These ball-shaped jars offer a classic and attractive look for your honey or jam storage. The aluminum cap ensures a tight seal, keeping your contents fresh and secure.
DIAMOND-SHAPED + aluminum cap
Unique & Stylish
With a unique diamond shape, these jars add an element of style to your storage options. The aluminum cap provides a strong seal, protecting your honey or jam from air exposure.
Accessible & Reliable
These jars feature a wide mouth for easy access to your honey or jam. The clip top lids provide a reliable seal, ensuring your products stay fresh for longer.
Distinctive & Luxurious
With a distinctive hexagon shape and luxurious gold lids, these jars offer an upscale option for your honey or jam storage, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.
Simple & Functional
These square jars offer a simple, clean look for your jam storage. The metal lids provide a secure seal, keeping your jams fresh and flavorful.
Round + plastic LID
Practical & Durable
With a round shape for easy access and a durable plastic lid for secure sealing, these jars offer a practical and durable solution for your jam storage needs.

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Bulk Jam Jars

As a leading glass container manufacturer, Reihey offers high quality wholesale jam jars at prices that absolutely fit your budget. Our glass jam jars are available in different designs that are sure to appeal to your customers. Since they're made of glass, they're great for storing jams and keeping them fresh.
High quality and high safety glass material
We always ensure that the materials we use are of high quality and that the composition of the raw materials is consistent with all products. All glass materials we use are also lead and BPA free and corrosion resistant. Bulk glass jam jars from Reihey guarantee non-toxic, durable and effective safe storage of jams.
Provide decoration and labeling services
We understand your glass jam jars need to stand out from the competition and grow your business. With our decorating and labeling services, we can help you create the best design for your glass jar.
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