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Reihey has been in the glass manufacturing industry for many years and uses modern glass manufacturing equipment and processes to maintain production efficiency and competitiveness. Therefore, you can confidently wholesale whisky glasses from Reihey. We offer high-quality, non-toxic glass whiskey glasses to help you become the best in the industry. Our glass whisky glasses are carefully researched and manufactured using only the highest quality lead-free food-grade materials and the best manufacturing processes.
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Wholesale Whiskey Glasses To Rocket Your Business

With a design that is easy to hold and drink, the appearance is transparent, simple and elegant.
Made of high quality glass. The material is safe and not easily broken.
With a wide mouth, whisky and other spirits can be poured easily.
Dishwasher-ready, easy to rinse off any whisky or other spirits left in the glass.

Wholesale glassware from China
 is cheap and easy

As a glassware manufacturer in China, we focused on wholesale and custom glass cup, glass Jar, glass bottle,We will help you surpass your peers in cost and quickly gain advantages in procurement.

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We hope to listen to your voice and start the first step of cooperation together. We have more than 18 years of glass production experience and 5,000 kinds of product inventory. 

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