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Our wholesale glass roller bottles are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Our glass roll on bottles are available in amber, blue and clear to help preserve the quality of your essential oils and fragrances. We offer smaller volume glass roller ball bottles for easy portability, you can choose from 5mL to 30mL. Glass roller bottles have a safe and secure seal, they are sealed with plastic or steel caps. Plus, you can choose to roll on steel or glass.
In the end, whether you need wholesale glass roller bottles or custom glass roller bottles. You can send us your inquiries and our team of experts will help you meet your needs.
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Wholesale Glass Roller Bottles For Packaging

Packaging Essential Oils
Our small glass essential oil roller bottles are available in a dark finish for full UV protection. This allows you to safely store your light sensitive liquids while using these glass roller bottles of essential oils.Wholesale roll on bottles can be used to precisely apply aromatherapy mixtures to all parts of the body, easy for customers to use a variety of essential oils.
Packaging Perfume
Fragrances come in liquid form, making the roll-on bottle the perfect packaging choice. The roller allows your fragrance to spread smoothly on the skin without worrying about any spillage.
Packaging Lip Gloss
The lip gloss fits perfectly in a roll-on bottle, making it easy for the user to carry. They slip easily into pockets or pouches and take out to use as needed without spilling.

Glass Roll On Bottles In Bulk

Glass roller ball bottles and roll-on vials are great packaging options to distribute your oil or fragrance in a way that is convenient for the end user. They consist of a narrow glass tube with a roller ball on one end, which makes it easy to apply just the right amount of essential oils, fragrances, and other liquids to the skin. Reihey offers a full line of products in a variety of sizes, styles, cap types and colors, including clear and amber roll-on bottles.
The Diverse World of Roller Ball Vials
Wholesale roll-on bottles can be used to precisely apply aromatherapy mixtures to all parts of the body without smudging. They are also great for use as perfume bottles, allowing users to quickly apply perfume at any time. One reason for their popularity is their sleek form, which allows users to easily carry them around and apply them as needed. They slip easily into pockets or pouches and take out to use as needed without spilling. For contents that need to prevent chemical breakdown and retain fragrance, choose a glass roll-on bottle.
Caps for Roll-On Bottles
Choose from items with flip or screw caps, depending on your needs. The lid is made of sturdy polypropylene to help keep the contents safe. Reihey stocks glass round ball bottles with cap colors including black, white, silver and green.

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