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Reihey serves varity customers around the world. 110,000-square-meter warehouse stores more than 1,200+ glass jar model instock. You can download and view Reihey glass bottle catalog, contact Reihey to see to see if your roll bottle is eligible start shipping as fast as 1 days.
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How we manufacture your roll on bottle?

Glass jars are crafted through a meticulous manufacturing process:
Step 1: Glass and Rollerball Selection
We initiate the manufacturing process by meticulously selecting high-quality glass and rollerball materials specifically curated for cosmetic applications. The rollerball, usually made of stainless steel or another suitable material, is chosen to meet the hygiene and smooth application requirements of the cosmetics industry.
Step 2: Precision Molding
The chosen raw materials undergo precision molding processes, ensuring that the glass bottle and rollerball components are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This precision is crucial to maintain the integrity of your cosmetic products.
Step 3: Rollerball Installation
Our skilled technicians expertly install the rollerball into the glass bottle. This step is critical to ensure that the rollerball moves effortlessly, providing a smooth and controlled application of cosmetics.
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Step 4: Customization for Cosmetics
If you've opted for customization to align the roll-on bottle with your cosmetic brand, such as specific shapes or branding elements, these features are seamlessly incorporated during the manufacturing process.
Step 5: Quality Control for Cosmetics Standards
The entire roll-on assembly undergoes rigorous quality control checks, with a specific focus on meeting the stringent standards required by the cosmetics industry. This includes confirming the hygiene, smoothness, and overall functionality of the rollerball.
Step 6: Surface Treatment for Cosmetic Appeal
To enhance the aesthetics and ensure compatibility with cosmetic products, the rollerball and glass bottle may undergo surface treatments. These treatments not only improve the appearance but also contribute to the overall appeal of your cosmetic packaging.
Step 7: Printing and Branding (Optional)
If you choose to include branding or labeling on the rollerball or bottle, our advanced printing techniques ensure that your cosmetic brand is elegantly represented on the packaging.
Step 8: Final Assembly for Cosmetics Use
The roll-on assembly, tailored to the cosmetics industry, is integrated with precision into the glass bottle components. This final assembly guarantees that the roll-on bottle is ready to complement and enhance your cosmetic products.
Step 9: Quality Assurance (Final Check)
Before packaging, the completed glass roll-on bottles undergo a meticulous final quality assurance check. This includes confirming that the rollerball operates smoothly and meets the specific requirements for cosmetic applications.

Customized Solutions

Here's a description of the custom options available for our glass roll-on bottles:
1. Bottle Design Customization:
Choose from a variety of sleek and stylish bottle designs tailored to your brand aesthetics.
Explore different shapes and sizes to create a unique and eye-catching product.
2. Rollerball Material Selection:
Select the rollerball material based on your specific needs and preferences.
Options include stainless steel for a premium look and durability or other materials to meet your unique requirements.
3. Rollerball Size Options:
Customize the rollerball size to control the flow and distribution of your cosmetic products.
Choose the perfect size to enhance the application experience for your customers.
4. Surface Treatment Choices:
Elevate the visual appeal of your glass roll-on bottles with surface treatments.
Options include polishing for a smooth finish, matte coatings for a sophisticated touch, or any other treatment that aligns with your brand vision.
5. Color Customization:
Express your brand identity through a wide range of color options for both the glass bottle and rollerball.
Achieve a consistent and captivating look across your product line.
6. Branding and Labeling:
Incorporate your brand logo, name, or any other branding elements directly onto the bottle or cap.
Opt for labels or direct printing to create a professional and branded appearance.
7. Packaging Customization:
Choose from various packaging options to present your glass roll-on bottles in a way that aligns with your brand image.
Customized packaging can include boxes, sleeves, or any other packaging solution that enhances the overall presentation.
8. Specialized Coatings for Cosmetic Compatibility:
If your roll-on bottles are intended for cosmetics, we offer specialized coatings to ensure compatibility with cosmetic formulations.
These coatings are designed to maintain the integrity and quality of your cosmetic products.
9. Embossing and Texture Options:
Add a tactile dimension to your glass roll-on bottles with embossing or textured surfaces.
Create a memorable sensory experience for your customers.
10. Quantity Flexibility:
Whether you require a small batch for a limited edition or a large production run, our manufacturing process allows for flexibility in order quantities.
Benefit from competitive pricing and tailored solutions based on your production needs.
11. Customizable Closure Options:
Explore various closure options, including different cap styles and materials.
Customize closures to enhance the overall functionality and appearance of your roll-on bottles.
12. Collaborative Design Support:
Work closely with our design team to bring your vision to life.
Receive expert guidance and support throughout the customization process.
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Bulk order case

Reihey have more than 40 years manufacture and trading trading experience. Our customer base is diverse and includes, Glass company inc from various countries. They directly purchase our stock and sell through online stores such as their websites, Amazon, Wish, eBay, and other online platforms, part of them is supermarkets and street stores.
Additionally, we collaborate with brand owners who customize bottles for their beverages, sauces, soy sauce, juices, and milk packaging needs. 
We also provide custom glass bottle solutions for various brand owners and laboratories.
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Wholesale Our Stock Bottle
In order to respond the fast and small quantity glass bottle wholesale buyer, we prepare 11,0000 square meters to store popular hot selling glass bottle models, download our Catalog to check if the glass bottle you need we have instock.
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Custom Roll On Bottle With You Logo
Decorate the glass bottle with your brand logo will help your product distinguish itself from competitors, Reihey normal decorate ways include Labeling Screen Printing, Embossing and Debossing, Etching, Custom Colors and Finishes.
Custom Your Bottle
Made A New Design Bottle
Creating a new design for glass bottles will improve product appeal, brand representation, and market differentiation, Reihey will offer guide throughout your design, engineering, and production considerations work.
Careful Production

What does our quote include?

Filling our quote sheet to let us know your glass bottle inquiry detials, or you can directly send an Email to our sales, Upload a photo or design file of your glass bottle and within a few hours we'll send you our quote, please also let us know your the delivery address or your nearest port, so you can compare average glass bottle price with local purchases.
Each glass bottle quote contains:
Real time, accurate pricing
Manufacturing analysis
Total weight&volume
Shipping cost
Delivery time
Payment term
*For bulk order, more order details and require communication between the two parties.
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Why Choose Us on a roll on bottle?

Our skilled technicians ensure precise installation of rollerballs for optimal performance.
Choose rollerball materials and finishes to match your brand's specifications.
Quality Assurance
Rigorous checks guarantee smooth and reliable roll-on functionality.
Easy sample
It is necessary to make a sample before placing a bulk glass jar order. This will also greatly facilitate your communication with our glass jar production. We will refund you this part of the sample fee in subsequent bulk orders.
Comprehensive Service
From raw material selection to final assembly, we provide end-to-end solutions for your roll-on bottle needs.
More Production Details

Glass roll on bottle applications

Glass roll-on bottles find versatile applications across various industries due to their practical design and aesthetic appeal. Here are some common applications:
1. Cosmetics Industry:
Ideal for roll-on perfumes, essential oils, and cosmetic products.
The smooth and controlled application enhances the user experience.
2. Skincare Products:
Suitable for applying serums, lotions, and anti-aging formulations.
Offers precision and minimizes product waste.
3. Aromatherapy and Essential Oils:
Perfect for on-the-go aromatherapy applications.
Preserves the integrity of essential oils and prevents spillage.
4. Fragrance Industry:
Used for roll-on perfumes and fragrance oils.
Provides a convenient and mess-free way to apply scents.
5. Natural Remedies:
Commonly employed for applying herbal or natural remedies.
Enables targeted application for therapeutic purposes.
6. Travel-sized Products:
Compact and portable, making them ideal for travel-sized cosmetic and skincare products.
Complies with travel restrictions and offers convenience.
7. Promotional Products:
Often customized for promotional purposes.
Branded roll-on bottles are popular giveaways at events and tradeshows.
8. Hair Care Products:
Used for applying hair serums, oils, and other hair care formulations.
Provides a mess-free and precise application.
9. DIY Beauty Products:
Preferred for DIY enthusiasts creating their own beauty and skincare products.
Enables controlled dispensing of homemade formulations.
10. Natural Perfume Blends:
Commonly chosen for applying natural and artisanal perfume blends.
Allows users to enjoy unique scents without the use of synthetic additives.
11. Medical and First Aid:
Used for applying medicinal oils and topical treatments.
Ensures hygienic and targeted application for medical purposes.
12. Massage Oils:
Widely utilized for applying massage oils.
The roll-on design allows for easy and mess-free application during massage sessions.


Does your glass bottle is cheap than my local?

Most of the time, yes, especially if you need bulk glass jar or you have customization needs.

How long to recived my glass bottle?

Korea; Japan: 5-7 days
Southeast Asia: 7-10 days
North America: 20-25 days
South America:25-35days
Europe: 25-30days
Australia: 28-35days
Africa: 30-35days

How do you deal with glass bottle broken during transportation?

Glass jars are fragile, broken is unvoid, so we promise we take on all the broken, we will refund, or resend one batch glass jar.

How can I get your glass bottle catalog?

You can click here.

How much to add my logo on the glass bottle

A simple logo only costs a few dozen dollars, please refer to the introduction in our project cases.
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How can I confirm your glass bottle quality?

Our factory meet ISO 9001: 2015, and for glass bottle, we pass FDA, LFGB test, we can also accpet your test before the customize order.

How can I save the glass bottle shipping cost for my small order?

You can use sea shipping+local delivery ways, Extend the time in exchange for low shipping costs, we can also offer DDU, DDP ways help you deal with customs.

Can I use my cradit card payment?

Yes, we will accept credit cards, just make sure credit card is yours and can be used locally.

What artwork should I prepare for my designed glass bottle?

You can send us CAD or STEP | STP | SLDPRT | IPT | PRT | JT | SAT files, 3D max,maya C4D and similar 3D file are not working.

How much to get my own shape and size glass bottle? use a new mould

The mould cost varies with the size and difficulty of the glass jar, from 200USD to 500USD
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