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Year 1981
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1. Material Selection:
We begin with the careful selection of high-quality raw materials. Our essential oil bottles are crafted from premium glass that not only preserves the integrity of your oils but also exudes a sense of luxury.
2. Design Innovation:
Our team of skilled designers works closely with clients to create innovative and unique bottle designs. Whether you're seeking a classic look or a modern aesthetic, we tailor our designs to suit your brand identity.
3. Precision Manufacturing:
State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology are at the heart of our process. Our production lines are designed for precision, ensuring each essential oil bottle is flawlessly formed and finished.
4. Quality Control:
Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every stage of the manufacturing process. From the initial shaping to the final inspection, our dedicated quality assurance team ensures that each bottle meets our exacting standards.
5. Customization Options:
We understand that your brand is unique, and our manufacturing process reflects that. Choose from a variety of customization options, including color, shape, and labeling, to create essential oil bottles that align perfectly with your brand's identity.
6. Packaging Expertise:
Once your essential oil bottles are crafted to perfection, we employ expert packaging techniques to ensure they reach you in pristine condition. Our packaging not only protects the bottles but also reflects our commitment to delivering excellence in every detail.
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How we manufacture your Essential Oil Bottles?

At Reihey glass, we take pride in our meticulous manufacturing process that ensures each essential oil bottle meets the highest standards of quality and precision. Here's an insight into how we bring your vision to life:

Unleash Your Brand's Identity: Customization Options for Essential Oil Glass Bottles

At Reihey glass, we understand that each brand is unique, and your packaging should reflect that individuality. Our customization options for essential oil glass bottles empower you to create a distinct and memorable presence in the market.
1. Bottle Shape and Size:Choose from a diverse range of bottle shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit for your brand. Whether you prefer sleek and cylindrical or elegant and square, our selection allows you to tailor the look of your essential oil bottles to match your brand aesthetics.

2. Color Palette:Infuse your brand's personality into the packaging by selecting from our extensive color palette. From classic tones to vibrant hues, our color options enable you to create bottles that resonate with your target audience.

3. Custom Labeling:Make your brand stand out with custom labeling. Our expert team works closely with you to design and implement labels that reflect your brand message and engage customers. From logo placement to detailed product information, we ensure every detail is perfected.
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4. Surface Texture and Finish:Elevate the tactile experience for your customers by choosing a surface texture and finish that complements your brand identity. Options include matte, glossy, or textured finishes to add an extra layer of sophistication to your essential oil bottles.

5. Logo Embossing or Debossing:Add a touch of luxury with logo embossing or debossing. Your brand logo can be elegantly raised or recessed on the bottle surface, creating a tactile and visually appealing element that reinforces brand recognition.

6. Specialty Coatings:
Explore specialty coatings such as UV-resistant or anti-scratch finishes to enhance the durability and longevity of your essential oil bottles. These coatings not only protect the integrity of your oils but also contribute to the overall premium feel of the packaging.

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Reihey have more than 40 years manufacture and trading trading experience. Our customer base is diverse and includes, Glass company inc from various countries. They directly purchase our stock and sell through online stores such as their websites, Amazon, Wish, eBay, and other online platforms, part of them is supermarkets and street stores.
We also provide custom glass bottle solutions for various brand owners and laboratories.
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In order to respond the fast and small quantity Essential Oil Bottles wholesale buyer, we prepare 11,0000 square meters to store popular hot selling glass bottle models, download our Catalog to check if the glass bottle you need we have instock.
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Custom With You Logo
Decorate the bottle with your brand logo will help your product distinguish itself from competitors, Reihey normal decorate ways include Labeling Screen Printing, Embossing and Debossing, Etching, Custom Colors and Finishes.
Custom Your Bottle
Made A New Design
Creating a new design for your essential Oil Bottles will improve product appeal, brand representation, and market differentiation, Reihey will offer guide throughout your design, engineering, and production considerations work.
Careful Production

What's in Our Quote?

Filling our quote sheet to let us know your Essential Oil Bottle inquiry detials, or you can directly send an Email to our sales, Upload a photo or design file of your bottle and within a few hours we'll send you our quote, please also let us know your the delivery address or your nearest port, so you can compare average glass bottle price with local purchases.
Each quote contains:
Real time, accurate pricing
Manufacturing analysis
Total weight&volume
Shipping cost
delivery time
Payment term
*For bulk order,order details and require communication between the two parties.
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Why Reihey glass Stands Out:

Innovation at Every Turn
Stay ahead in the market with our innovative designs and packaging solutions. We are committed to bringing you the latest trends in essential oil bottle design to keep your brand on the cutting edge.
Global Recognition
Join a community of global brands that trust Reihey glass. Our products have earned international acclaim for their quality and aesthetics, making us the preferred choice for businesses worldwide.
Seamless Partnership
Partnering with us is not just a transaction; it's a journey. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience from design consultation to delivery, putting your brand's success at the forefront.
Glass bottle Expertise
We'll work with you throughout the course of your project to help you quickly move from customize mind to production, including decorate options and inspection reporting.
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Quality Assurance

Q1. How does Reihey ensure the quality of its essential oil glass bottles?
A1: Our factory meet ISO 9001: 2015, and for essential oil bottle, we pass FDA, LFGB test, we can also accpet your test before the customize order.

Q2. What measures are taken to guarantee that the glass used in the bottles preserves the purity and integrity of essential oils?
A2: We ensure the purity and integrity of essential oils by selecting premium, non-porous glass, applying specialized coatings, and implementing rigorous quality control. Sealed packaging and collaboration with essential oil experts further safeguard the oils. Our commitment to continuous research and development ensures cutting-edge measures for preserving your essential oils.

Customization Process:

Q3: Can I customize the shape and size of the essential oil glass bottles?
A3: Yes, we can made a unique mold, make bottle size and shape as your need.

Q4: What options do you offer for custom labeling, and how involved can I be in the design process?
A4: Our main ways inluding: Stickers, Embossed and debossed, Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Glass Etching, Vinyl Decals. Before placing an order, we will show you cases from other customers for reference. During the sample stage, we will update all the process by photo or video to you confirm, and we will send you the final sample before bulk production.

Materials and Sustainability:

Q5: What type of glass is used in your essential oil bottles, and why is it chosen?
A5: We use premium glass carefully selected for its inert and non-reactive properties, preserving the purity of essential oils. This glass type is non-porous, preventing absorption and ensuring the integrity of the oils. Our choice reflects a commitment to quality, safeguarding the unique characteristics of each essential oil packaged in our bottles.

Q6: How does your company contribute to sustainability in the manufacturing of glass bottles?
A6: Reihey glass is committed to sustainable development in glass manufacturing. We employ environmentally friendly practices including recycling and minimizing waste during production. By replacing equipment with new generations to reduce energy consumption and using natural gas as heating fuel to reduce carbon emissions, our commitment extends to using energy efficient processes to reduce our environmental footprint. In addition, we explore innovative materials and technologies that align with our environmental responsibility and contribute to greener, more sustainable methods of producing essential oil glass bottles.

Innovation and Design:

Q7: How does your company stay innovative in terms of bottle design?
A7: On the basis of adhering to traditional design ideas, we constantly absorb new design concepts, actively communicate with leading international cosmetics companies, and integrate new design and manufacturing methods. You can view our product catalog to learn more about the changes in our product design. history.

Q8: Can you provide examples of unique or innovative designs you have created for other clients?
A8: Yes, except for customer information that requires confidentiality, we will update our specific order content on the website from time to time. You can view the design and manufacturing challenges we face, and how we complete the final challenge and achieve customer-satisfied order delivery. .

Color and Finish Options:

Q9: What color palette is available for the glass bottles, and can I request a custom color?
A9: We offer a diverse color palette for our essential oil glass bottles, including classic tones such as amber, clear, and cobalt blue, as well as more vibrant hues like green and violet. This standard color range caters to a variety of preferences and helps preserve the oils by blocking out harmful UV rays. If these options don't precisely match your brand requirements, we welcome custom color requests. 

Q10: Are there different surface textures and finishes to choose from for a customized look?
A10: Certainly! At Reihey glass, we offer various surface textures and finishes to allow for a fully customized look for your essential oil glass bottles. Whether you prefer a sleek matte finish, a glossy appearance, or a unique textured surface, our diverse options enable you to tailor the visual and tactile aspects of your bottles to suit your brand's identity.
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Logo and Branding:

Q11: How can I incorporate my brand logo into the design of the essential oil glass bottles?
A11:  Our design team collaborates closely with you to strategically integrate your logo onto the bottle, ensuring it aligns harmoniously with the overall design. Options include logo embossing for a raised, tactile effect or debossing for a subtle, recessed appearance.

Q12: Do you offer options like logo embossing or debossing for added brand recognition?
A12: As mentioned in question 11, we need to make a new metal mold to achieve the customized effect of your embossing or debossing logo.

Logistics and Delivery:

Q13: What is the typical lead time for manufacturing and delivering custom essential oil glass bottles?
A13: Within 5000 pcs, we can generally deliver the goods in 1-3 days. For 5000 pcs (need to be customized), we can complete it within 2 weeks. If it exceeds 500 million pcs, we will need 20-25 days.

Q14: How does Reihey glass ensure the safe and timely delivery of products to clients globally?
A14: To ensure transportation safety, Reihey Glass employs robust packaging, including custom crating for larger or fragile orders. Our quality control checks identify and address potential vulnerabilities before shipment. We collaborate with reputable carriers experienced in handling delicate goods, and clients have the option to purchase additional shipping insurance. Real-time tracking keeps clients informed.

Specialty Coatings:

Q15: Can you explain the benefits of specialty coatings, such as UV-resistant or anti-scratch finishes?
A15: Specialty coatings like UV-resistant and anti-scratch finishes offer key benefits for our glass Essential Oil Bottles. UV-resistant coatings safeguard the oils from harmful UV rays, preserving their quality and longevity. This protection ensures the oils maintain their effectiveness and properties over time. Anti-scratch finishes contribute to the bottles' durability, preventing scratches and scuffs that could compromise their visual appeal.

Q16:In what scenarios would you recommend using specialty coatings for essential oil bottles?
A16:  We recommend using specialty coatings, such as UV-resistant or anti-scratch finishes, for our glass Essential Oil Bottles in these scenarios: Extended Sunlight Exposure, High-Handling Environments, Premium Brand Presentation, Long-Term Storage.

Client Testimonials:

Q17: Can you share success stories or testimonials from clients who have customized their essential oil bottles with Reihey?
A18: Yes, you can check our Recent project page, check other clients project details and how we completed the task.

Q18: How do clients typically respond to the customization options offered by your company?
A18: Clients typically respond positively to the customization options offered by our company. The ability to tailor essential oil glass bottles to their specific needs allows them to create a unique and distinctive product that aligns with their brand identity. The flexibility in choosing bottle shapes, sizes, colors, and custom labeling empowers clients to differentiate their products in the market.

Collaborative Process:

Q19: What is the process like for collaborating with [Your Company Name] on the customization of essential oil bottles?
A19: Collaborating with Reihey on the customization of essential oil bottles is a streamlined and collaborative process. It begins with an initial consultation where we gain insights into your brand, vision, and specific requirements. Our experienced design team then works closely with you to explore options for bottle shapes, sizes, colors, and labeling. We encourage active client participation throughout, welcoming feedback and adjustments to ensure the final design aligns perfectly with your brand identity. Regular communication milestones keep you informed about the progress, and we value your input at every stage. Once the design is finalized, our manufacturing team takes over, ensuring the precise execution of your customized essential oil bottles. The result is a collaborative product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, reflecting the unique essence of your brand.

Q20: How involved can clients be in the decision-making process during customization?
A20:  From the get-go, we dig into your brand details in an initial consultation. When it comes to design, you're in the driver's seat—choosing bottle shapes, sizes, colors, and labeling. We're not just open to feedback
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