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How we manufacture oil bottle?

Manufacturing oil bottles involves several key steps in the production process:
Design: The process begins with designing the oil bottle. Design considerations include functionality, size, shape, and branding elements. Designers create detailed plans using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
Mold Making: Precision molds are created based on the design. These molds, usually made of metal, dictate the shape and features of the bottle. Molds are crucial for ensuring uniformity and consistency in the final product.
Glass Melting and Forming: Raw materials such as silica sand, soda ash, and limestone are melted in a furnace to produce molten glass. The molten glass is then shaped using the molds. Techniques like blowing or pressing may be used to form the desired bottle shape.
Cooling and Annealing: The formed glass bottles go through a controlled cooling process called annealing. This step is essential for relieving internal stresses in the glass, ensuring the bottles cool uniformly. It enhances the structural integrity of the bottles and minimizes the risk of breakage.
Cutting and Polishing: Excess glass, known as flashing, is trimmed off, and the edges are polished for a smooth finish. This step enhances the visual and tactile appeal of the oil bottles.
Quality Control:
Throughout these steps, attention to detail, precision in mold creation, and adherence to quality control standards are critical to producing high-quality oil bottles.
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Custom oil bottle options:

Custom oil bottle options are crucial for brand identity, product differentiation, and targeted marketing. They allow brands to tailor designs, sizes, and functionalities to meet consumer preferences, ensuring a unique and memorable product. Customization also facilitates compliance with regulatory standards, enhances packaging efficiency, and enables the creation of limited editions or seasonal variations, contributing to a positive consumer experience.
We can custom the oil bottle base on your need. including:
Open Dimension
Bottle Colors
Appearance decotation
Oil bottle packing ways
Customized shipping carton
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Our private logo decorate ways including:
Decal logo
Spray paint
Gold rim
Hand painting
Sand blast

Glass oil bottle bulk order case

Our collaborative cases span a wide range of industries, including food & beverage, cosmetics & personal care, pharmaceuticals & healthcare, and more. Through flexible solutions, innovative design and efficient execution, we have successfully helped our clients enhance the market competitiveness of their products and realize their business objectives.
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Wholesale Our Instock Oil Bottle
In order to respond the fast and small quantity glass bottle wholesale buyer, we prepare 11,0000 square meters to store glass bottle models, download our Catalog to check if the glass bottle you need we have instock.
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Custom Oil Bottle With You Logo
Decorate the glass bottle with your brand logo will help your product distinguish itself from competitors, Reihey normal decorate ways include Labeling Screen Printing, Embossing and Debossing, Etching, Custom Colors and Finishes.
Custom Oil Bottle
A New Oil Bottle With You Design
Creating a new design for glass bottles will improve product appeal, brand representation, and market differentiation, Reihey will offer guide throughout your design, engineering, and production considerations work.
Careful Production

Why Choose Reihey

Directly From Factory
Directly purchase your oil bottle from China manufacturer is a key to sucess. You can apply your customize needs directly, no restrict anymore. You can also save much money than buy glass oil bottle in local, especially when your order bulk glass bottle.
Low MOQ requirement
Parts of our customers want to a trial order before bulk bottle order, so we prepare penty instock glass bottle on warehouse, you can buy from 50pcs, 100pcs. and total cost about 25USD, 35USD. that will great reduce new buyer budget pression.
Easy sample
It is necessary to make a sample before placing a bulk glass bottle order. This will also greatly facilitate your communication with our glass bottle production. We will refund you this part of the sample fee in subsequent bulk orders.
Oil bottle Expertise
We'll work with you throughout the course of your project to help you quickly move from customize mind to production, including decorate options and inspection reporting.
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How to Work With Us

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Oil bottle glasses are shipped

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Glass Oil Bottle FAQs

What is the minimum order quantity for glass food storage bottles in your manufacturing process?

We can start form 50pcs.

Can you customize the size and shape of the glass bottles according to the specific requirements of our brand?

yes, we can create a new mold base on your ideas.

What types of lids and sealing mechanisms do you offer?

we can offer Airtight Silicone Gaskets, Flip-Top Lids, Bamboo Lids, wooden lid, Snap-On Lids, Cork Closures, Plastic or Metal Screw Caps and ect.

Are your glass oil bottle dishwasher-safe and suitable for both hot and cold food storage?

Yes, our glass jars are designed to be dishwasher-safe, providing convenience in cleaning and maintaining hygiene.

What materials are used for the lids and seals, and are they free from harmful substances like BPA?

The lids and seals for our glass bottle are crafted from materials that prioritize safety and quality. We use PP, silicone, bamboo, we are committed to ensuring that these components are free from harmful substances like BPA (Bisphenol A).
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How do you ensure the quality and safety of your glass food storage bottles during the manufacturing process?

Our production accoring to ISO 9001:2015, Ensuring the quality and safety of our glass food storage bottles is a top priority throughout the entire manufacturing process

Can you provide samples of your glass bottles for our evaluation before placing a wholesale order?

Yes,we will offer free samples, for some hign value sample, we will charge but refund on your bulk order.

What is the lead time for manufacturing and delivering a bulk order?

For our instock product, we need only 3-5 days. For not more than 10,000pcs, we will send less than 15 days.

Do you offer any labeling or branding services and what customization options are available?

Yes, we can offer, you can check our option details here.

What international certifications or standards do your bottle comply with, especially regarding food safety and environmental impact?

Our oil bottle have passed multiple international tests, truly achieving the top quality in the world. You can purchase and use them with confidence. Our common tests include: USD-FDA, Europe-LFGB, EU Food Contact Materials Regulation, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BPA -Free Certification, Recyclability, RoHS Compliance
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