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Year 1981
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Reihey serves small and medium-sized customers around the world. 110,000-square-meter warehouse stores more than 1,200+ drinking glasses models instock. Download and view Reihey glass tumble catalog, contact Reihey to see to see if it’s eligible start shipping as fast as 1 days.
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How we manufacture your drinking glasses?

At Reihey glass, we take pride in our meticulous manufacturing process, ensuring each drinking glass meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Here's a glimpse into how we create the perfect glassware for your enjoyment:
At Reihey, we don't just manufacture drinking glasses; we craft an experience. Trust us to elevate your beverage moments with glassware that combines artistry, quality, and functionality.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover the art of fine glassware manufacturing.
More Details
Raw Material Selection:
We begin with the careful selection of high-quality raw materials, sourced to meet our stringent standards. This ensures the foundation of your drinking glass is durable, crystal clear, and free from impurities.
Design and Prototyping:
Our team of skilled designers brings creativity to life, conceptualizing unique and elegant designs for your drinking glasses. After finalizing the design, we create prototypes to ensure every detail is perfected before mass production.
Precision Manufacturing:
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizes cutting-edge technology and skilled artisans to bring the designs to life. From shaping and molding to cutting and polishing, each glass undergoes a precise and intricate manufacturing process.
Customization Options:
We understand that every client has unique preferences. That's why we offer customization options, allowing you to choose the size, shape, and even personalized engravings for your drinking glasses. Make it truly yours.
Packaging for Protection:
To ensure your glasses arrive in perfect condition, we invest in secure and eco-friendly packaging. Our packaging not only protects the glasses during transit but also reflects our commitment to sustainability.
Quality Control:
Quality is at the core of what we do. Every drinking glass goes through a rigorous quality control process, where we inspect for consistency, clarity, and overall craftsmanship. We believe in delivering products that not only meet but exceed your expectations.
Timely Delivery:
We value your time. Our efficient production processes and well-managed supply chain enable us to provide timely delivery, ensuring you receive your order when you need it.

History of Glass Tumblers:

The history of glass tumblers dates back centuries, intertwined with the broader history of glassmaking. Here's a brief overview of the evolution of glass tumblers:
1. Ancient Origins:
The art of glassmaking has ancient origins, with evidence of glass objects dating back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt around 3500 BCE. Initially, glass was shaped into various vessels for utilitarian and decorative purposes.
2. Roman Influence:
The Romans played a crucial role in advancing glassmaking techniques. They perfected the art of glassblowing around the 1st century BCE, enabling the mass production of glass vessels, including tumblers. Roman glassware often featured intricate designs and vibrant colors.
3. Middle Ages:
The decline of the Roman Empire saw a reduction in sophisticated glassmaking techniques in Europe. However, the Islamic world continued to excel in glass production, introducing new methods and designs that would later influence European artisans.
4. Renaissance and Venetian Glass:
The Renaissance brought a revival of interest in art and craftsmanship in Europe. Venetian glassmakers, particularly on the island of Murano, became renowned for their skills in creating exquisite glassware, including tumblers. The Venetians were known for their innovation in glassblowing techniques and decorative styles.
5. Industrial Revolution:
The Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries brought significant advancements in glassmaking technology. Automation and the use of molds allowed for more efficient and mass production of glassware, making it more accessible to a wider population.
6. 20th Century and Modern Design:
The 20th century saw the continued evolution of glass tumblers, influenced by various design movements. Mid-century modern design, for example, favored simple, functional shapes, and glass tumblers became popular in households worldwide for everyday use.
7. Customization and Branding:
In the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, glass tumblers became a canvas for customization and branding. Many businesses, bars, and individuals started to personalize glassware with logos, names, or designs, contributing to a diverse array of styles in the market.
8. Sustainable Practices:
In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainability in manufacturing. Glass tumblers, being recyclable and environmentally friendly, align with this trend. Many consumers today seek out glassware as a sustainable alternative to disposable or less eco-friendly materials.
Throughout history, glass tumblers have not only served functional purposes but have also reflected the artistic and cultural trends of their time. From ancient civilizations to modern times, the craftsmanship and design of glass tumblers continue to be appreciated for both their utility and aesthetic appeal.

glass tumble Customization options

Glass tumbler customization offers a unique way to add a personal touch, promote branding, or create special pieces for various occasions. Here are some popular customization options for glass tumblers:
Screen Printing
Decals and Stickers
Frosted Glass
Colored Glass
Logo Printing
UV Printing
Personalized Packaging
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How to start a order with Reihey

Reihey have more than 40 years manufacture and trading trading experience. Our customer base is diverse and includes, Glass company inc from various countries. They directly purchase our stock and sell through online stores such as their websites, Amazon, Wish, eBay, and other online platforms, part of them is supermarkets and street stores.
We also provide custom glass bottle solutions for various brand owners and laboratories.
More Production Details>>
Wholesale Our Instock
In order to respond the fast and small quantity glass tumble wholesale buyer, we prepare 11,0000 square meters to store popular hot selling glass tumble models, download our Catalog to check if the tumble you need we have instock.
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Custom With You Logo
Decorate the tumble with your brand logo will help your product distinguish itself from competitors, Reihey normal decorate ways include Labeling Screen Printing, Embossing and Debossing, Etching, Custom Colors and Finishes.
Custom Your Glasses
Made A New Design
Creating a new design for glass tumblewill improve product appeal, brand representation, and market differentiation, Reihey will offer guide throughout your design, engineering, and production considerations work.
Careful Production

What's in our glass tumble Quote?

Filling our quote sheet to let us know your glass tumble inquiry detials, or you can directly send an Email to our sales, Upload a photo or design file of your tumble and within a few hours we'll send you our quote, please also let us know your the delivery address or your nearest port, so you can compare average glass tumble price with local purchases.
Each glass tumble quote contains:
Real time, accurate pricing
Manufacturing analysis
Total weight&volume
Shipping cost
delivery time
Payment term
*For bulk order,order details and require communication between the two parties.
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Why Choose Reihey?

The Reihey Glass Advantage
At Reihey glass, we take pride in offering a distinct advantage that sets us apart in the industry. When you choose us, you benefit from:
Quality Assurance:
We prioritize excellence in every aspect of our manufacturing process. Our stringent quality control processes ensure that each glass tumbler crafted by [Your Company Name] meets and exceeds the highest industry standards. From raw material selection to the final inspection, we are committed to delivering glassware of unparalleled quality.
Elevate your brand or event with our bespoke glassware solutions. At Reihey Glass, we understand the importance of individuality. Our skilled artisans and cutting-edge technology empower us to bring your unique vision to life. Whether it's a personalized logo, a custom design, or a specific shape, our team is dedicated to turning your ideas into distinctive, tailor-made glass tumblers.
Competitive Pricing:
Exceptional quality doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag. At Reihey, we believe in providing value for your investment. Our commitment to competitive pricing ensures that you receive top-notch glassware without compromising your budget. Explore our range of products, and you'll find that affordability and quality go hand in hand when you choose Reihey.
Timely Delivery:
We understand the importance of deadlines, and our efficient supply chain and delivery system reflect that. When you partner with Reihey, you can trust us to deliver your order on time, every time. Our streamlined processes, coupled with a dedication to punctuality, ensure that your glass tumblers reach you precisely when you need them, without any compromise on quality.
Choose Reihey for an unparalleled combination of quality, customization, affordability, and reliable delivery. We don't just provide glassware; we deliver an experience crafted with precision, care, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Advantages of Glass tumble

Glass tumblers offer several benefits that make them a popular choice for serving a wide range of beverages.
Here are some key advantages:
Versatility:Glass tumblers are versatile and suitable for serving various types of beverages, including water, juice, soda, cocktails, and more. Their simple design makes them a go-to choice for a wide range of drinks.
Clarity and Transparency:Glass provides exceptional clarity and transparency, allowing the colors and textures of beverages to be fully appreciated. This is especially important for visually appealing drinks and cocktails.
No Odor or Taste Transfer:Glass is non-porous and inert, meaning it won't absorb odors or flavors from the beverages served in them. This ensures that each drink retains its original taste without any lingering residue.
Easy to Clean:Glass tumblers are easy to clean and maintain. They are dishwasher-safe, and the smooth surface of glass makes it simple to remove stains and residues. This ease of cleaning contributes to a hygienic serving experience.
Durable and Long-Lasting:High-quality glass tumblers are durable and resistant to scratching, ensuring a longer lifespan. They can withstand frequent use without showing signs of wear and tear, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run.
Eco-Friendly:Glass is a sustainable and recyclable material, making glass tumblers an eco-friendly choice. Recycling glass reduces the environmental impact, and using glassware instead of disposable options helps minimize waste.
Heat Resistance:Glass tumblers are suitable for both hot and cold beverages. They can withstand temperature variations without compromising their integrity. This makes them ideal for serving a variety of drinks, from iced beverages to hot teas and coffees.
Presentation:Glass tumblers enhance the visual presentation of drinks. The clarity of glass showcases the colors and layers of cocktails, making them more visually appealing. This is especially important in settings where presentation is a key element.
Customization:Glass tumblers offer opportunities for customization. Whether through personalized engravings, etchings, or branding, businesses and individuals can add a unique touch to their glassware.
Health and Safety:Glass is a hygienic material that does not contain harmful chemicals. Unlike some plastics, glass does not leach substances into the beverages it holds, ensuring the safety and purity of the drinks.
Resistant to Stains and Odors:Glass is resistant to staining and odors, making it a preferred choice for beverages that might leave residues, such as red wine. This feature ensures that the tumbler maintains its original appearance and does not affect the taste of subsequent drinks.
Glass tumblers are a classic and reliable choice for various settings, from everyday use at home to professional environments like restaurants and bars. Their combination of aesthetics, functionality, and durability makes them a preferred option for serving a wide array of beverages.

Glass tumble service

Elevate the atmosphere in bars, restaurants, and events with our sophisticated shot glasses. Trusted by industry professionals, we cater to the unique needs of hospitality, entertainment, and more.

Hospitality and Catering:

Elevate the dining experience in hotels, restaurants, and catering services with our exquisite glass tumblers. From water glasses to specialty drinkware, our products add a touch of sophistication to every table setting.
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Beverage and Mixology:

Cater to the discerning needs of mixologists and beverage enthusiasts with our diverse range of glass tumblers. Perfect for serving cocktails, mocktails, and other specialty drinks, our glassware complements the artistry of mixology.
More Production Details

Retail and Merchandising:

Enhance your retail offerings with our stylish and customizable glass tumblers. Whether you're curating a premium homeware collection or offering personalized glassware, our products cater to the tastes of a diverse customer base.
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Glass tumble FAQs

What is the ideal way to clean glass tumblers to maintain their clarity and shine?

Response: We recommend handwashing glass tumblers with mild detergent and warm water. Avoid abrasive materials that can scratch the glass. While our glass tumblers are dishwasher-safe, handwashing ensures their longevity and preserves their clarity and shine.

Can glass tumblers be used for both hot and cold beverages?

Response: Yes, our glass tumblers are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for both hot and cold beverages. However, extreme temperature changes should be avoided to prevent thermal shock.

Are your glass tumblers dishwasher-safe?

Response: Absolutely, our glass tumblers are dishwasher-safe. We recommend placing them on the top rack to minimize the risk of breakage. Using a mild detergent and a gentle cycle will help maintain their quality over time.

Do you offer customization options for glass tumblers, such as engraving or logo printing?

Response: Yes, we provide customization options for glass tumblers, including engraving, logo printing, and even color variations. Contact our sales team for details on how to personalize your glassware.

What makes glass tumblers a more sustainable choice compared to other materials?

Response: Glass is highly sustainable as it is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality. Choosing glass tumblers reduces the environmental impact associated with single-use plastics and contributes to a circular economy.
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Are your glass tumblers suitable for use in commercial establishments like restaurants and bars?

Response: Certainly, our glass tumblers are crafted with durability in mind, making them suitable for commercial use. They are designed to withstand the rigors of restaurant and bar environments while maintaining their elegance.

Can I order glass tumblers in bulk for events or corporate gifting?

Response: Yes, we offer bulk ordering options for events, weddings, corporate gifting, and more. Our team can assist you in selecting the right glass tumblers and customizations to meet your specific needs.

Can I use my credit card payment?

Yes, we will accept credit cards, just make sure credit card is yours and can be used locally.

What artwork should I prepare for my designed?

You can send us CAD or STEP | STP | SLDPRT | IPT | PRT | JT | SAT files, 3D max,maya C4D and similar 3D file are not working.

How much to get my own shape and size glass jar? use a new mould

The mould cost varies with the size and difficulty of the glass jar, from 200USD to 500USD
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