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Glass milk bottles are the most suitable milk containers to preserve the milk's quality and taste. Therefore, Reihey offers bulk food-grade glass milk bottles. Our glass milk bottles are available in sizes from 200mL to 500mL. You can quickly identify the drink inside because the Reihey glass milk bottle is clear and transparent.Also, with our glass milk bottle, spillage is not a problem. We offer glass bottles with lids to better seal the milk in glass bottles. They are covered with aluminium, cork and plastic caps.
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Wholesale glass milk bottles from Reihey are durable and high-temperature-resistant, making them ideal for storing milk. Since they are made from sturdy glass, they can maintain the temperature of the milk for a long time.
Our glass milk bottles are smooth, stunning, and easy to clean, and free from BPA, lead, and other harmful chemicals.
Watch your sales escalate by buying elegant glass milk bottles in bulk from Reihey.
Glass feeding bottles are superior to other bottles in both convenience and cost. Glass bottles are easy to clean in the dishwasher and retain their durability better than bottles that are washed frequently or heated. Plus, a glass bottle can save money because it can be washed and reused for decades, and can be easily repurposed for food storage and decorative purposes.
Using glass milk bottles to hold milk can increase the market competitiveness of the product. Clear, transparent glass bottles show customers the quality product you offer, and adding effective bottle labels based on brand strategy techniques ensures customers get the product. We also provide design and custom glass feeding bottles to better enhance your product aesthetics and branding.
Our capping options are varied and manufactured to match the bottle you order. We offer food-grade metal caps that are perfect for milk products. Glass milk bottles reusable for packaging soft drinks in restaurants and similar establishments, including water and fresh juices
Our old glass milk bottles with Lids are perfect for conveniently packaging homemade yogurt. They are available in various sizes, and their wide necks allow for manual filling. Plus, they're cost-effective because customers can return them to be sanitized and refilled.

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