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Reihey is a glassware manufacturer based in China, specializing in wholesale, custom solutions, and serving the restaurant, bar, and home industries. Our extensive product line includes a variety of suitable glassware such as wine glasses, beer mugs, cocktail glasses, champagne glasses, and more. As a factory, we offer OEM and ODM services to tailor glassware to your specifications, including shape, capacity, logo, packaging, and more. Whether you're looking for standard or customized drinking glasses, you can find it here. Contact our sales team for personalized one-on-one service. We are your go-to supplier for drinking glasses solutions from China."

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Custom Decorating Methods

Why a drinking glasses need Decorating?
The decoration of drinking glasses serves a combination of functional and aesthetic purposes, ranging from making them more visually appealing to helping with branding, identification, and cultural significance. The choice to decorate a drinking glass can vary based on individual preferences, occasions, and cultural traditions.

Screen printing

Forcing ink through a high-tension mesh screen onto an object is the customization technique known as screen printing.


Decal is the method used for special printing requirements. Typical examples are photo-realistic logos, complex geometrical shapes and handle decorations.

Laser Engraving

With a laser engraving machine you can implement simple, precise and impressive engravings on glass or crystal.


Raised graphics can be made on glasses packaging using the dependable and adaptable technique of embossing.

Spray Coating

Each glass is delicately sprayed with a water-based colour, creating a stunning and attention-grabbing effect.


Frosting requires etching or sandblasting the glass surface to produce a matte or frosted look.

Comparison of 6 logo decoration methods

Decals will print similarly to your colour specifications or as a four-colour printing (CMYK) as part of a gang sheet process.
15-20 days
Photo-realistic logos ,richer LOGO effect
If the custom quantity is small, the cost of glasses will increase
Suitable for simple LOGO designs, such as some simple words or patterns.
5-7 days
Flexible and
If the color is worn or washed for a long time, the LOGO will be damaged.
Best method to use with most types of glass, and will last, even after several washes in the dishwasher.
5-7 days
Permanent mark with an elegant appearance
The main limitation is color
Simple text or patterns, as overly complex designs cannot be fully displayed on the mold.
20-25 days
Will remain on the product permanently.
Unable to present complex designs, requiring large quantities of customization
Spray Coating
Full or partial spraying, please provide the exact Pantone number.
5-7 days
Creating a stunning and attention-grabbing effect
Some glasses may have
uneven color
Solid color frosting or gradient frosting
5-7 days
Glasses can obtain a milky/mat/frosted
The surface is rough and opaque, making it impossible to see the drink inside the cup

4 steps to customize Your Own Drinking Glasses

We create, design, and operate project from the initial idea to the real glasses.

Make the Glasses technical drawing

Once we got your idea or art drawings, we will develop the mold drawing listing all the measurement for your approval.

2D and 3D glass bottle drawing

With bottle drawing approval, our mold factory will start to make the bottle mold.

Making the mold

The mold material is alloy steel castings. Good quality mold can make the mold durable and during mass production the surface of glasses will have better appearance.

Setup samples for quality test

After the mold making, some clients need to order a real physical sample. After the sample is approved we will proceed to bulk production

2023 Custom Drinking Glasses Case

How to work with Chinese manufacturers to customize drinking glasses

1. A Korea spirit imporer find Reihey from internet

The customer introduced his own identity and the main business type of the company, and expressed his desire to cooperate with Reihey to customize some drinking glasses and give them to his customers. The requirements were to find suitable glasses and add their own brand logo
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2. Model confirmation and drinking glasses logo customization details

With reihey's recommendation, the customer chose a suitable model. In the sample stage, we chose silk screen printing to customize the logo, because the silk screen logo is economical and fast in the sample confirmation stage. In the follow-up bulk orders stage, considering that we need to maintain the gloss and stability of the logo for a long time, We choose decal decorating way to make the logo.
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3. Confirm sample before bulk production

Take photos of the completed samples and confirm with the customer, and send the samples to the customer through FedEx for confirmation, including the actual effect of the customized logo, the inspection of the tightness of the lid, the verification of the label content, and the confirmation of the anti-scratch bubble bag etc.
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4. Drinking glasses bulk manufacting

The customer finally confirmed 1000 sets of products, and it took us about 20 days to complete the production. Will we keep in touch with the customer during the production process, and prepare the bulk inspection and subsequent transportation matters in advance.
Production Process  >>

5. Pre-shipment inspection

On the 21st day, we carried out the pre-shipment inspection, this project is perfect, and the customer was also very satisfied with our production and careful inspection work.
Production Process >>

6. Packing and shipping

Because our products are fragile, we have routine protection, and we also made inner boxes to separate the products one by one. Before shipping, we also made pallets for the outer boxes of the products to protect them throughout the whole process. The customers were very satisfied after receiving the products, and none of our products were damaged during transportation.
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Why Choose Reihey Glasses Manufacturer

Reihey Glasses Manufacturing

Reihey, a leading Chinese glassware manufacturer, boasts 1530 skilled employees and a diverse catalog of 5000+ items, meeting varied market demands. With 40 years of experience, our 8 advanced production lines and 5 clean energy glass melting furnaces ensure an annual capacity of 200,000 tons. We offer flexibility in order quantities, setting a minimum of 1000 for inventory and 10,000 for custom items. ISO certifications and third-party inspections underscore our commitment to quality. Contact Reihey to get consistant quality glasses.
Finished Product Display

Boost Your Business with Our Customization Options

Customization is a great part of our company’s operations seeing that we also work with companies who need their specific designs featured on their glass orders. This has allowed us to develop systems that enable us to provide this service to all our customers. We feature qualified designers who work closely with you to get your design concepts in check. We then work to develop drinking glasses that feature the exact designs to better resonate with your brand. For all your custom drinking mugs, we will be here to fulfill your desires and deliver according to your expectations.
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How we manufacture drinking glasses


Glass packaging is made of three natural ingredients: silica sand, soda ash andlimestone.

Batching Process

Glass (cullet) are mixed in specific proportions to form a batch. This batch is melted in a furnace to create molten glass.

Melting Process

The batch is fed into a furnace, usually at high temperatures around 1700-2000°C (3092-3632°F), where it is heated until it becomes a molten, glass-like material.


There are two primary methods for forming glass bottles: blow-and-blow (or narrow-neck press and blow) and press-and-blow (or wide-neck press and blow). Both methods involve shaping the molten glass into a mold using air pressure.


Newly formed glass bottles, still very hot, are placed in an annealing oven or lehr. This controlled cooling process gradually reduces the temperature of the glass to room temperature, which helps relieve internal stresses and ensures the glass’s structural integrity.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I choose Glassware sizes?

3oz-6oz: Our smallest glasses are ideal for shots, beer samples, neat spirits and small servings of juice.
3oz-10oz:The perfect size for short cocktails, small glasses of wine, juices, spirits and stouts, these glasses come in different shapes to suit a range of different needs.
10oz-15oz: These larger glasses are ideal for glasses of wine, spirits, beers and lagers.
15oz or more: Our largest glasses are ideal for serving pints, large glasses of wine or long cocktails.

2.What are restaurant glassware features?

Glassware for restaurants should be carefully selected to fit the style and theme of the establishment. Another important aspect of glassware for restaurants is durability. The high volume of use in a restaurant setting can result in frequent breakage, so investing in durable glassware can save costs in the long run.

3.Why Use Different Types of Glassware?

Different glassware has evolved in order to make each different drink better. Enhanced aromas and correct temperatures are two key factors to improving the drinking experience.

4. What is your product MOQ

Please note that we have a MOQ for our glasses. For glasses in stock, the MOQ for in-stock glass containers is 1000 pcs. For customized glasses, please send your design draft. According to different design requirements, there will be different quantities. Normally it is 1000 pcs.

5.How long will it take to get my drinking glasses?

For glasses in stock,It takes 3-5 days to complete packaging and ship.
Customized glasses, production cycle is 20-25 days.
For small quantity purchases, we ship via DHL UPS FedEx,5-7days
For bulk orders, we recommend shipping by sea or rail. 30-35 days
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6. What kind of quality assurance can you provide?

Reihey’s own glass factory uses ISO-certified machines to manufacture durable and non-toxic glass products.
During the entire production process, we have a professional QC department. After production is completed, we welcome customers to inspect the goods in person or entrust a professional inspection company to come to our factory to inspect the goods.

7. What format of the file do you need if I want my own design?

You can provide JPG,AI,or PDF etc,Our professional designer will draw artwork for mould or printing screen for you.

8. What is your payment term?

We usually charge 30% of the advance payment and collect the balance before delivery. We accept the following payment methods: T/T, western union, L/C, PAYPAL.

9:How to receive a price quotation in the shortest time?

When you send us an enquiry please kindly make sure all the details, such as model NO., product size, color,order quantity,etc. We will send you offer with complete details soon.

10.If any quality problem, how can you settle it for us?

When discharging the container, you need to inspect all the cargo. If any breakage or defect products were founded, you must take the pictures from the original carton. Depending on the degree and quantity of damage, we will provide corresponding solutions, replace damaged products or provide partial refunds.
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