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Immerse yourself in the world of elegant skincare with our diverse collection of Glass Lotion Bottles. Whether you prefer the chic, frosted designs with a wooden or metallic pump, the modern matte black spray bottles, or our unique diamond-shaped dispensers, we have a style to suit every taste. Each bottle is crafted for easy and efficient dispensing, ensuring a seamless skincare routine. With materials ranging from amber glass for UV protection to transparent glass for a luxe look, our bottles are not only functional but also a stylish addition to your bathroom or vanity. Experience skincare like never before with our exquisite collection.
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Choose Deep Customization for unique, brand-defining bottle designs tailored to your needs. Opt for Light Customization for quick, cost-effective modifications on our standard bottles. Both ensure quality, brand-boosting results for your packaging needs.


Deep Customization lets you create a unique identity with tailored glass bottles. Specify size, choose material and color, brand with your logo, and select the perfect cap type. Craft your bottle from scratch, ensuring it represents your brand and meets your exact functional requirements. Truly, a bottle like no other!You can choose the right glass bottle for your business by viewing our website glass bottle details introduction
• Customizable contents (Build new molds):

Light Customization

Light Customization offers quick, cost-effective tweaks to our standard glass bottles. With a low MOQ of less than 3000 pieces, enhance your packaging by adding simple touches such as your logo or changing the cap type. Perfect for smaller runs or when time and budget are key considerations.
• Customizable contents (Build new molds):

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We are a premier Chinese glass manufacturer, blending tradition and innovation. Our expertise lies in producing high-quality, customizable glass bottles. From deep, bespoke designs to light, cost-effective alterations, we cater to diverse packaging needs. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we turn your vision into reality.
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Thanks to our years of experience, we're great at giving professional and detailed advice and guidance in international trade, especially in payments, shipping, and after-sales service. Whether you are experienced in international trade or not, choosing Reihey will make communication and transactions smooth and enjoyable for you.
Natural & Practical
This chic and natural bottle is characterized by its frosted glass and wooden lid, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. The pump allows easy, mess-free dispensing of lotion.
Modern & Sleek
The unique matte black frosted finish of these bottles provides a modern, stylish look. The spray function makes these bottles ideal for lighter lotions or sprayable oils.
Luxurious & Elegant
These bottles evoke luxury with their transparent frosted glass and gold/silver treatment pump. They are designed to house high-end lotions or cosmetic products.
Classic & Reliable
Featuring amber glass that protects lotion from sunlight and a durable, rust-proof stainless steel pump, these bottles offer a classic look with a reliable dispensing mechanism.
Diamond shaped + SCREW CAP
Classic & Functional
Diamond-Shaped Glass Lotion Bottle with Dispenser: With their unique diamond shape, these bottles make a statement while providing easy and controlled dispensing of lotion. They are perfect for making a stylish impression on any counter.
Green/ Brown ROUND SHOULDER + Plastic lid
Classic & Functional
The round shoulder design adds a touch of elegance, while the press pump dispenser offers easy and controlled dispensing of your favorite lotions or creams. The green or brown glass adds a unique aesthetic, providing UV protection to maintain the quality of your skincare products.

Wholesale Glass Lotion Bottles for Sale

Our factory is located in Anhui, China, and manufactures more than 300,000 glass bottles and glass jars per day. Based on the modern bottling manufacturing factory and an experienced technical team, we are able to offer our wholesale glass bottles at competitive prices that are within your budget. When you order from Reihey, you also get to enjoy the following benefits:
Make the Beauty Jars Part of the Experience
Lotion Bottles create an opportunity to appeal to consumers by showcasing your brand's style, materials and colors. Packaging is the first thing customers see, and it's something they can physically touch when they want to check further. Each glass bottle can be color-coordinated with a unique lid of your choice to match your corporate branding. Functional closures are ideal for dispensing liquids and lotions without confusion.
Preserve Your Valuable Products
A beauty glass bottle that fits your product will retain the contents, so the color and texture remain the same from the first use to the last. Clear packaging exposes the contents to light, so for other chemical-resistant lotion and ointment glass bottles, opt for dark lotion containers. Increase stability by choosing glass, an inert product that does not readily react with chemicals.
High Quality Glass Material
Mainly made of glass, our lotion bottles are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. We believe that the use of glass allows your business to have beautiful lotion packaging. They can be easily customized with different color combinations to help your brand stand out. Plus, they're also more durable and keep lotion intact. Your users can also reuse the glass lotion bottles, which is an added advantage.


As a glassware manufacturer in China, we focused on wholesale and custom glass cup, glass Jar, glass bottle,We will help you surpass your peers in cost and quickly gain advantages in procurement.

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