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Given the nature of essential oils, choosing the right container is important. We have many different sizes of bulk essential oil bottles for you to choose from. They come in clear, blue, green, amber and other colors. Dark glass bottles, such as amber or cobalt blue, can extend the shelf life of essential oils by blocking light to protect their aroma and therapeutic properties. We also offer a variety of sizes - 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Available in a variety of designs such as gold plated oil bottles, clear luxury oil bottles, and tattooed glass essential oil bottles.
Reihey is a wholesale supplier of bottles and jars. When buying glass essential oil bottles in bulk, our essential oil bottles are sold at wholesale prices.
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Why Choose Wholesale Glass Essential Oil Bottles From Reihey

Whether you need a special color, or a matching dropper and cap, we've got you covered. We perform all glass essential oil bottle manufacturing processes in-house and our team of employees is proficient at every step. This enables us to customize your glass essential oil bottle to meet your packaging needs.
We assign a team of manufacturing experts to each customer project. They will work with you to implement any essential oil bottle design idea you have and bring it to life. As one of the most well-equipped glass essential oil bottle manufacturers, we offer the highest quality products at a very low cost. This enables us to work with you to ensure that you can also offer your customers great prices.
1. Attractive Prices for Our Glass Essential Oil Bottles
All our glass containers are available at attractive prices. Because of our dedication to helping our clients grow their businesses, we provide them with high-quality glass bottles for essential oils without draining their capital.
2. Comprehensive Quality Management
We are very particular about the quality of our glass containers. We have a quality control department to ensure that the finished product is free of any defects. All our glass bottles go through an extensive manufacturing process. We are also passionate about the glass materials used in our products. Through these processes, our customers can be confident that their products are of high quality.
3. A Huge Collection of Bottle Designs
Our essential oil bottles come in a range of designs. They come in different colors, sizes and shapes. They come in different caps and can be made with a sprayer or dropper. We can make the bottles exactly as-is, or we can customize them to suit your needs.

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