December 5, 2022

How To Cut A Glass Bottle: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cutting Glass Bottles-Before You Begin 

Glass bottles are an excellent choice for manufacturers to use as packaging. Used juice bottles, wine bottles, yoghurt bottles, and others can be reused for recycling. Have you ever seen others recycle old discarded glass bottles? There are countless examples of transforming old glass bottles into vases, chandeliers, and wind chimes. So how do you cut glass bottles for transformation?

cut glass bottle 1

What materials do you need to prepare?

  • A clean wine, oil or juice bottle
  • Cut-resistant gloves
  • Glass cutter
  • Bucket or bowl
  • Small candle
  • Yarn
  • Ice pack
  • Hot water
  • Lighter fluid or nail polish remover
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape thread
  • Dremel

Remove labels from glass bottles.

cut glass bottle 2

A clean glass bottle will facilitate your subsequent operations. Before cutting the glass bottle, remove the label from the old glass bottle.

 1. Put the glass bottle into a bucket with hot water and leave it for ten minutes. The label will be easy to peel off the part that is not so sticky.

 2. Use a knife to scrape off the remaining part that can be scraped off, then continue with a brush or kitchen cleaning wire ball.

 3. For the remaining parts that are too sticky to scrape off, put nail polish remover or pure acetone on top of the label.

How to cut glass bottles with flame?

When cutting glass bottles by fire, you must be extra careful and wear protective gloves and other equipment. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use fire to cut glass bottles.

Mark cutting line

First, create a line on the part that needs to be cut; this process can be drawn with your bare hands. But to ensure a perfect line, you will need a rubber band or tape as a support system. If you use a rubber band, just put it directly over the location where you want to cut. When using tape, one thing to remember is to ensure that the two ends meet to form a complete circle. This will help you cut into a perfect cut.

cut glass bottle 8

Score cutting line

Now it's time to score with your glass cutter. Place your glass cutter against the edge of the tape or rubber band and scribe the glass bottle along this edge. Please place the glass bottle on top of a folded towel, ensuring your arms are slightly elevated. Make sure your hands can operate steadily and have a good angle for cutting.

cut glass bottle 9

Heating of glass bottles

Light the candle and focus the flame on the incised line. Slowly rotate the glass bottle so that it performs an even burn. The process of heating the bottle should last at least about 5 minutes.

cut glass bottle 10

Submerge the glass bottle in cold water

Fill the bucket with cold water. Place the heated glass jar for 5 minutes into the cold water to obtain pressure. If desired, hard water can be obtained by adding ice packs to the bucket.

cut glass bottle6

Repeat the above operation

The glass bottle needs more pressure to break, so you need to repeat the above operation of heating and dipping into cold water. After two or three repetitions, you will see a little white at the engraved line, and you may even hear the sound of breaking. Soon, the glass bottle will crack along the line.

cut glass bottle 11

Polishing the edges of glass bottles

Hold the cut glass bottle in one hand and use rough sandpaper to clean the edges of the bottle. When the sharp points are removed, switch to fine sandpaper to smooth the glass edges. Wear cut-resistant gloves before you start to ensure you don't get stabbed by the sharp edges.

cut glass bottle 12

Enjoy the finished product.

Cut clean glass bottles. You can make any creation. It could be a vase you can use as a flower arrangement, a pen holder, or a candle holder. In short, the options are endless.

How to cut glass bottle with boiling water

The principle of this method is to use the sensitive change of glass to temperature. The glass cutting is well achieved by letting the glass touch boiling water and cold water back and forth.

Mark And Score cutting line

This part is the same as the steps described above; you must prepare the cut glass bottle. Tie a rubber band or wrap a complete circle of tape around the location to be cut. Use a glass cutter to score against the edge of the tape to form a single, even line.

cut glass bottle 13

Prepare water

Prepare two portions of water. Have cold water in front of the sink, with ice packs if necessary. At the same time, boil a pot of hot water. This method is the alternation of hot and cold water needed to complete.

Alternating hot and cold water

Pour boiling water over the scored line of the glass bottle. Rotate the bottle and ensure that one circle of the scoring line is covered with water. Avoid pouring hot water over a large area of the bottle, just enough to put the scribed line under heat tension. Next, pour cold water on the scribe line in the same way. After repeating this alternating hot and cold water two to three times, the glass bottle will break cleanly along the scribing line.

cut glass bottle 14

Sanding edge

Use coarse sandpaper for sanding the edges of the glass first, and when the surface is no longer jagged, switch to fine sandpaper for sanding.

cut glass bottle 15

How to cut a glass bottle with yarn?

Cutting with string is supposed to be the best way to cut glass bottles because it is easy to carry out the operation. Come check out the step-by-step guide to cutting glass bottles with string!

Soak the yarn in acetone

Pour the lighter fluid or nail polish remover into a small container. Soak a piece of yarn or any coarse cotton thread in this container. Let it remain for a few minutes to allow complete absorption.

cut glass bottle4

Wrapped glass bottles

Wrap moistened yarn around the bottle 3 to 5 times in the section where the bottle needs to be broken. After tying the string in place, cut off the excess. This process must ensure that the yarn is tightly wound in one place to ensure that the glass bottle gets a clean break in one area.

cut glass bottle3

Ignite the yarn

Light the yarn with a lighter or a match. Hold the glass bottle horizontally and turn it in your hand this way. Allow the flame on the thread to burn evenly until it burns out. During this process, be aware of the burning smoke and keep away from surrounding flammable objects.

cut glass bottle5

Dipping into cold water

Prepare a bucket of cold water and put the glass bottle into which the yarn has finished burning. Under this alternating hot and cold transition, the glass bottle will break along the part where the yarn is wound.

cut glass bottle6 1

Polished smooth edges

First, sand the edges of the newly cut glass with coarse sandpaper to smooth out the sharp corner parts. Then use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface and remove the chips.

cut glass bottle7

How to Cut Bottles With Dremel?

Dremel is a great cutting tool for DIY. It is very easy to cut glass bottles.

Cover the bottle with tape

Wrap two separate pieces of tape around the glass bottle, forming a complete circle. The two strips of tape should be very close together but not touching. The thin line formed in the middle is where we need to cut. Position confirmation is required before cutting.

cut glass bottle 16

Cut the bottle

With the Dremel end fitted with the glass cutting bit, put on your protective gear. Cut along the thin line in the middle of the two tape sections. As you cut, check the same section repeatedly to ensure you get a clean-cut surface. Although cutting with the Dremel is convenient, the dust from the cutting process can be very dangerous to the respiratory system. So keep in mind that you should wear protective gear before you start.

cut glass bottle 17

Sanding edge

After the glass bottle is cut, you need to use coarse sandpaper to polish the parts where sharp corners exist. After sanding the sharp corners, switch to fine sandpaper. Finally, you will get a smooth edge.

cut glass bottle 18


Using these simple and practical methods we, you will emerge with countless inspirations for upcycling glass bottles. The used glass bottle is no longer just a package but also becomes a decorative item.

Upcycling glass bottles makes you have fun in the hands-on process and increases the reusability of glass bottles. Instead of trash going to the waste station, the old glass bottles are decorated with bits and pieces of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take a glass bottle to decompose?

A glass bottle takes 4,000 years to decompose in its natural environment.

Can you reuse glass bottles?

You can. Not only can glass bottles be reused, but other glass containers, like glass jars, are also reusable.

How to reuse glass bottles?

You can reuse your glass bottles in a variety of ways. For example, you can make them into crafts, storage items, or any other DIY project.

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