Material Glass
Size 7/12inch
Shape Round
Time 1/3/5min
Sand Color Blue,black,red,green,purple,yellow,rose red
Usage Timing
Packing 1. Standard export carton--Xpcs/box,Ybox/carton.
2. Custom pack: white box with your logo,Color gift box with your logo

About this item
1.【Indulge in the landscape】- the flowing deep-sea sand will form another new landscape map with the continuous rotation. Immerse in the slowly flowing sand and watch the slowly forming landscape map, as if you are in the mountains and rivers, the gurgling water , purify the mind, relieve the fatigue of a day's study/work, relieve stress, and give you a comfortable experience.

2.【Perfect Quality】- High-quality lead-free glass that is transparent like water, allowing you to fully experience the gurgling quicksand. The product design is ingenious, the workmanship is precise, each detail level is distinct, and the perfect fine sand and its color make every 3D picture that flows out is full of artistic conception. The frame of ABS material does not need to worry about its environmental protection problem, and it is an excellent furniture decoration.

3.【Sand Painting Decoration】- The perfect home/office decoration. A natural landscape painting makes your house/office in the middle of landscape, quiet, natural, elegant and indifferent. Watching the different landscape pictures formed with the flow of sand, you can feel the magic of the Creator, and every change is so natural and beautiful.

4.【High-value gifts】- Express your heavy feelings by expressing your own feelings in the landscape and presenting them to a special person. For office workers, students with heavy studies, and people who work on computers for a long time, a landscape painting full of artistic conception is the perfect complement to their desks. Being in the murmuring water can wash away fatigue, inspire thoughts, and improve efficiency.

Production process
#1 Raw Materials
Crafted from Sand, Limestone, Cullet, our high-borosilicate BPA FREE glass.
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#2 Manufacturing
The raw materials are mixed and melted at high temperatures, then quickly cooled and molded.
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#3 Packaging And Transportation
Our team of professionals scrutinizes each package and works hand in hand with reliable logistics partners.
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Customize Your Own Glassware
Wholesale Our Instock Glass
In order to respond the fast and small quantity glassware wholesale buyer, we prepare 11,0000 square meters to store popular hot selling glass models, download our Catalog to check if the glassware you need we have instock.
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Custom Glass With You Logo
Decorate the glassware with your brand logo will help your product distinguish itself from competitors, Reihey normal decorate ways include Labeling Screen Printing, Embossing and Debossing, Etching, Custom Colors and Finishes.
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Made A New Design Glassware
Creating a new design for glasswares will improve product appeal, brand representation, and market differentiation, Reihey will offer guide throughout your design, engineering, and production considerations work.
Careful Production
Finished display
Reihey, a leading Chinese glassware manufacturer, boasts 1530 skilled employees and a diverse catalog of 5000+ items, meeting varied market demands. We offer flexibility in order quantities, setting a minimum of 1000 for inventory and 10,000 for custom items. ISO certifications and third-party inspections underscore our commitment to quality. Contact Reihey to get consistant quality glasses.
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How long will it take to get my glasses?

For glasses in stock,It takes 3-5 days to complete packaging and ship.
Customized glasses, production cycle is 20-25 days.
For small quantity purchases, we ship via DHL UPS FedEx,5-7days.
For bulk orders, we recommend shipping by sea or rail. 30-35 days.

Do you offer international shipping? How much is the shipping cost?

Yes, we offer international shipping. Shipping costs depend on the destination, order size and shipping method. We can provide you with a shipping estimate upon request.

Can you customize the size and shape of the glassware to the specific requirements of our brand?

Yes, we can create a new mold base on your ideas.

How can I save the glass product shipping cost for my small order?

You can use sea shipping+local delivery ways, Extend the time in exchange for low shipping costs, we can also offer DDU, DDP ways help you deal with customs.

How to receive a quotation in the shortest time?

When you send us an inquiry, please confirm all the details, such as model number, product size, color, order quantity and so on. We will send you a quotation with full details shortly.

Can you provide glass samples for us to evaluate before placing a wholesale order? What is the sample delivery time?

Yes, we will provide free samples, for some high value samples, we will charge a fee but will refund you based on your bulk order. For our instock models, it takes 2-3 days. for customize models, it takes 5-7 days.
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What artwork should I prepare for my designed glassware?

You can send us CAD or STEP | STP | SLDPRT | IPT | PRT | JT | SAT files, 3D max,maya C4D and similar 3D file are not working.

How do I handle glass products that break during transportation?

When unloading the container, you need to inspect all the goods. If you find any broken or defective products, you must take photos from the original box. Depending on the extent and quantity of the damage, we will provide the appropriate solution by replacing the damaged product or providing a partial refund.

Can I use my cradit card payment?

Yes, we will accept credit cards, just make sure credit card is yours and can be used locally.

Does your glass product is cheap than my local?

Most of the time, yes, especially if you need bulk glass or you have customization needs.

What international certifications or standards do your glassware comply with, especially regarding food safety and environmental impact?

Our glasses have passed multiple international tests, truly achieving the top quality in the world. You can purchase and use them with confidence. Our common tests include: USD-FDA, Europe-LFGB, EU Food Contact Materials Regulation, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BPA -Free Certification, Recyclability, RoHS Compliance

How can I get your glass product catalog?

You can click here.View More>>

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