June 28, 2022

Why is perfume in glass bottles

The short answer is that there's a reason why perfume is kept in glass bottles. Perfume is made of fragrant oils that are extracted from flowers, herbs and other botanicals. When it comes to storing these fragrances, it's important to protect against sunlight and oxygen as they can degrade the quality of perfumes over time. Glass is a dense material that helps limit exposure to oxygen and moisture, which makes it ideal for preserving scents like perfumes.

Perfume is kept in glass bottles to maintain its quality and protect it from sunlight.

Glass bottles are common for perfume because of their ability to protect the scent from sunlight. Sunlight can cause perfumes to change color, develop a different smell and even fade away completely over time. Glass is a dense material that helps limit exposure to oxygen and moisture—two factors that can affect perfume over time.

Even though plastic is a lighter material than glass and is often used for perfume packaging, it’s not as effective at protecting scents from the sun. Plastic bottles are more susceptible to fading because they don’t block out UV rays as well as glass does.

Glass is a dense material, which helps limit exposure to oxygen and moisture.

This makes it ideal for storing perfume since it does not allow the scents to change over time. Glass also acts as a good barrier to light, another factor that can alter the scent of your perfume.

Note that this doesn't mean you should never store your perfumes in plastic bottles—plastic is lighter and easier to manufacture, which makes it more cost-effective than glass. But if you want your perfume shelf to look like something out of Mad Men (and who doesn't?), then glass is an excellent choice!

Sunlight can degrade perfumes over time, causing them to change color and even causing the scent to fade.

Sunlight is bad for your perfume. It can cause the scent to fade, or even change the color of the bottle!

Perfumes are made up of a blend of scents and ingredients with different properties that react to light differently. For example, some fragrances have a high amount of alcohol in them, which absorbs light and causes an orange-brown tint. Other fragrances have more essential oils which absorb less light than alcohol but will still change color over time if exposed to direct sunlight.

The quality of perfumes can be maintained in glass bottles.

If you’re looking to purchase some perfumes, you might be wondering why they are always sold in glass bottles. There is a reason for this—and it’s not just because the fragrance companies want their products to look fancy. Glass bottles are actually more expensive than plastic ones, but they also have many benefits that make them worth the extra cost. Let's take a look at how glass helps maintain the quality of your favorite scents:

  • Glass is more durable than plastic. A sturdy container will keep its shape even when dropped on hard surfaces or knocked against other objects, which means fewer broken bottles at home (or in transit). Plus, unlike plastic, glass won't melt if exposed to high temperatures like those found inside car trunks or near fireplaces where it may get too hot!
  • Glass bottles are hygienic compared with most plastics which can trap bacteria over time."

The quality of perfumes can be maintained in glass bottles.

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