Why can a glass cup break for no reason

According to the analysis of the glass industry, most glass products have a life of 20 years, and some will break in 2 or 3 years.

In the summer, it is very common to see the breakage of glass cups.

When summer comes, people are more likely to drink water, lemonade and other fruit drinks. Therefore, the use of glass cups will be greatly increased. In fact, many families have their own glass cups for drinking water or other beverages. In addition to being very convenient for daily life, a cup can also improve the taste of liquid food.

However, no matter what kind of cup you use in daily life, it is difficult to avoid the possibility of breaking it by accident. If you suddenly see your glass cup broken without any reason at all or whether there is some tiny crack on the surface before breaking down completely , then this article may help you understand why this happens and how to prevent it from happening again!

There are two kinds of glass cups popular in the market.

You might have noticed that some glass cups are more fragile than others, but you may not know why. The good news is there are two different kinds of materials that make up a glass cup: soda lime and borosilicate.

The difference between these materials is the presence of boron in the latter type. Boron makes it more durable and less likely to break when dropped or otherwise subjected to sharp impacts.

The reason why ordinary glass products occasionally burst at one time, that is, due to the existence of man-made defects in the process of making glass products.

The reason why ordinary glass products occasionally burst at one time, that is, due to the existence of man-made defects in the process of making glass products. The quality of raw materials and equipment, as well as the professional skills of production personnel are all related to this problem. For example, there may be residual impurities in raw materials or oil stains on the surface of blown glassware produced by skilled workers with a high degree of precision. After processing these defects can cause serious damage to finished goods or even lead to their spontaneous explosion during use.

It should be emphasized that most manufacturers do not produce such defective products deliberately; they rely on rigorous inspection procedures during production and after completion.

Glass is a brittle solid.

You know that glass is a solid. You probably also know that it's brittle, meaning it breaks easily. But why? In turn, what does this have to do with the fact that you can't see through it?

Let's start at the beginning: glass is made up of silicon dioxide (SiO2) molecules arranged into a crystalline structure. When you apply heat or pressure to this arrangement of molecules, they undergo an internal rearrangement (called "creep"), which makes them more likely to break under stress. This means that if you drop a glass cup on the floor and shatter it, it wasn't just because there was enough force applied from above; rather, there had already been some damage done inside your cup before any outside force was applied at all!

Glass may break due to the thermal expansion and contraction of its surface.

The thermal expansion and contraction of a surface may cause a glass cup to break for no reason. The surface of the cup is not smooth or flat, so it has uneven surfaces that cause stress points on the inside of the cup. When these stress points get too much pressure from changes in temperature, they crack and shatter.

In summary, the reasons for glass breakage are as follows:

  • The reason why ordinary glass products occasionally burst at one time is that, due to the existence of man-made defects in the process of making glass products;
  • Glass is a brittle solid, and if it is heated or cooled too fast or too slowly, it may be broken by internal stresses;
  • Glass will not crack easily when it is cold, but when heated up rapidly it may break because of thermal expansion and contraction on its surface;

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