July 5, 2022

Why are glass tea cups thin

If you are new to drinking tea, it can be confusing to understand why certain items are used. For example, why do you drink out of a glass cup? And why is it thin and fragile?

It is hard for beginners to find the right temperature of water

It's not easy to find the right temperature of water for brewing tea. If you choose too hot or too cold, you'll end up affecting the taste of your tea and have a less enjoyable experience.

When you're boiling water for tea, don't boil it all the way down to a rolling boil. You want to avoid this because at that stage, some volatile substances evaporate into steam and leave behind residue that won't be good for your cup of tea. When trying out different temperatures, start with water around 175°F (80°C) and see how it affects your taste buds before moving on from there.

Because it needs to be cool enough to touch without affecting the water

Because tea is a hot drink, it's important that the temperature of the water be cool enough to touch without affecting its taste or health benefits. For example, drinking boiling water can burn your throat and stomach lining if you are not used to it.

In addition, different teas require different temperatures of water for brewing. If you brew green or white tea with boiling water (212°F), its delicate flavor will be lost because higher temperatures can make tannins harsh and bitter.

But still hot enough to brew the tea

When you're drinking tea from a glass cup, it's important to remember that the cup will get hot because of the tea. You don't want to burn your hands or burn the leaves, water and cup. If you have an old-fashioned teapot with a handle on its lid and spout, this might not be an issue for you—but if you're using a modern style of teapot with no such handle (or even if it does have one), then it can be tricky to pour yourself some hot liquid without burning yourself in the process.

In conclusion, we can see that glass cups are thin. This is because they need to be able to hold a certain temperature of water without breaking or becoming too hot for people to handle easily. Therefore, it is important not just for beginners but also experienced tea drinkers who want their beverage brewed properly with minimal effort involved on their part.

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