June 28, 2022

What kind of jars can you use for candles

A lot of people love candles, but they don't want to use the small jars that come with them. They can be hard to handle and often don't burn as well. That's why you should consider using a different kind of jars instead:

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a good choice for candle making. They're cheap and easy to find, they're made of glass, and they can handle the heat of your candle-making process. If you're going to be using votive candles in your mason jars, you'll want to make sure that the jar has an opening small enough for it (4 inches or less). If you want to use taper candles, then your mason jar should have an opening large enough that allows you to easily remove the finished product from it (5 inches or more).

Candle jars from other candles

If you have a candle left over, or want to repurpose an old jar for something new, make sure you clean it out before using it. You will also want to make sure that the size and shape of your new jar matches what your candle will be. For example, if you are making a tall pillar candle with a wide base then a round ball-shaped glass container won't work well as there isn't enough room around the wick for it to burn properly.

If you're working with glass jars from other jars or bottles (like wine glasses), make sure that they're made from heat resistant materials like borosilicate glass! This will help protect them from breaking down when heated up by your candle's flame.

Not all glass containers are safe to use for a candle

You should be aware that some glass containers are not safe to use for candles, as they can break or melt. Some types of glass, like soda bottles or wine bottles, have a higher risk of breaking than other types of containers. If you're using a container with thick walls and a clear base, it's also possible that the flame will cause the bottom part of your candle to melt and fall off.

Pickle jars

Pickle jars are made of glass and are not safe for candles. Candles should be placed in containers that are specifically made for candles, such as votives or lanterns. If you don't have either of those on hand, you can use Mason jars.

Pickle jars were never meant to hold candles; they were designed to hold food products like pickles or olives—you know, things that go into a jar! Because they're not meant to be used this way (and because they're made out of glass), it's not recommended that you put them in direct contact with melted wax.

Coffee containers

Coffee containers are not safe for candles.

  • They're not made to hold heat. The material isn't able to retain the heat and it will begin to melt.
  • They're not made to hold pressure. The plastic lid could become deformed, allowing for wax leaks or even a complete seal failure that might lead to explosions and fire hazards in your home.
  • They're not meant to be reused because they weren't designed for reuse in the first place! If you want your container back after melting down your candle, you'll probably find yourself with a melted, warped mess of plastic instead of an intact container that looks like new again (which is something we all love about coffee mugs).
  • And finally, coffee containers aren't meant for cleaning—they're typically lined with polypropylene plastic and then coated with another kind of material like ceramic glaze or enamel paint—so they may have contaminants inside them from previous uses which could contaminate your next batch of candle wax as well!

To avoid these issues, keep in mind these three pieces of advice:

  • Stick with glass containers that are meant for holding liquids (like jars). This will help ensure there's no chance they'll break while burning.
  • Choose thinner-walled jars over thicker ones if possible—they're less likely to crack under high temperatures caused by burning candles.
  • Don't place your candle directly on top of any surface where heat can build up (like carpeting).

The most important thing is to be safe. You don’t want to use any kind of glass container unless it’s specifically made for candles... or at least tested by a professional. Remember that you can always reuse mason jars, pickle jars and other containers as long as they are not chipped or cracked!

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