July 5, 2022

What are some good glass vessels to make a terrarium out of

Terrariums are a fun way to add life, color and beauty to your home. They're also great for those who want to keep plant life without having to commit to the full-time care of a garden. A good terrarium vessel needs to be clear so that it lets in as much light as possible; otherwise, your plants will grow too slowly or not at all! You can use anything from glass jars with wide openings to small bowls or fishbowls. Here are some ideas:

A glass jar with a wide opening

The ideal glass vessel will be clear, with a wide opening so you can fit in plants, soil and even water. The opening should be large enough to accommodate the space requirements of your plants, but also small enough that light cannot escape through its sides.

The glass jar should also be able to hold water without leaking; it's best if you can test this out before purchasing the jar by filling it halfway with water and letting it sit for an hour or two. If there are any leaks, don't buy that particular jar!

A round bowl or fishbowl

An obvious choice is a round bowl or fishbowl. These vessels can be easily found at most stores and are ideal for making a terrarium because they’re easy to clean, they are clear so you can easily see the plants and soil inside, and they have a wide opening that allows you to add more materials if necessary.

An apothecary jar

If you're looking for a glass vessel to make a terrarium in, an apothecary jar is often a good choice. They come in many different sizes and shapes, with some being more round than others. Many apothecary jars are also available in various colors, so you can customize the look of your setup however you'd like.

You will find apothecary jars for sale at most craft stores or online retailers that sell home decor products. Not every store will carry them though—some may only have one or two on display while others might have several dozen!

You can also create a terrarium in a large, clear glass vase. Larger pieces like these will need more soil and plants to fill them in and look proportionate.

If you have an aquarium or terrarium from a store, you can use that as well but only if it's large enough to house all of the plants that you'd like to include in your creation.

If you're working with this method, make sure to keep the container away from direct sunlight as much as possible so that it doesn't crack or break due to temperature changes during hot summer days when sun rays may shine directly on it

Note that if you're getting an aquarium or terrarium, you want to make sure that it's made of clear, uncolored glass. If the glass is colored, it will keep light out and cause your plants to die! For the same reason, if you're using a vase or bowl as your vessel, it should be as clear as possible.

Colored glass will keep light out and cause your plants to die!

The best materials for a terrarium vessel are clear glass jars, bowls and other containers with wide openings.

Glass jars, bowls and other containers with wide openings. If you want to make a terrarium out of glass, the best materials are clear glass jars and other containers with wide openings (about 4 inches or wider).

  • Glass Jars: You can use any kind of jar that has a mouth at least as big as 4 inches in diameter. The larger the opening, the easier it will be for you to place your plants inside without spilling soil outside of your container when you're planting or watering your terrarium.
  • Round Bowls or Fishbowls: You can also use round bowls or fishbowls if you have one that fits in well with your decor! They're perfect if you'd like to build something specifically for an outdoor space where there's direct sunlight from above - these types of containers have straight sides which means that light will be able to reach all corners easily without being blocked by curves along its length & width so long as there isn't any dirt blocking them off too much either."

The best materials for a terrarium vessel are clear glass jars, bowls and other containers with wide openings.

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