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Due to the extensive versatility of glass products, Reihey serves a diverse range of customers, and we have connected with and gained recognition from clients worldwide through the internet. Reihey's rich product catalog enables us to consistently provide suitable service solutions for our customers. We will periodically share some customer collaboration cases.
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Important cooperation

Glass Candle Jar
DistrEbution GmbH
42,000 pcs
DistrEbution is a startup Hamburg company, They supply glass products to some local companies, primarily as packaging materials for the food industry.
Carlsberg Beer Mug
50,000 pcs
Carlsberg is founded in 1847, the fourth largest brewing group in the world, Reihey support beer mug for them from 2022.
Glass Wine Shot
80,000 pcs
INDEPENDENT LIQUOR KOREA is a wine,spirits, liqueurs, alcoholic beverages and related products importer, distributor, trader in KOREA

Recent case(2023-2024)

Case 1: Glass jars for food storage

Lovecocoa is a British chocolate manufacturer. They wanted to use the new glass jar packaging in their new food range and have their brand logo printed on the new glass jar.
1. Lovecocoa required testing for the logos intended for printing on both lids and glass jars. To assess the impact of various logo styles, Lovecocoa presented two distinct designs to Reihey, with the expectation that samples would be crafted for both (Image 1 and Image 2). Each logo is available in different colors, comprising white, black, and gold.
2. In crafting the lid, wood was chosen, and Reihey recommends opting for laser engraving for the logo on the lid and utilizing screen printing for the glass jars. This not only aids in cost reduction for customers but also enhances the display effect of the logo.
Prior to sample production, Reihey's designers generated conceptual renderings featuring the logos, which were then sent to the customer for review and confirmation in the iterative design process.
3. When the sample completed, Reihey share a comprehensive visual preview of the completed sample with the customer through detailed photos and videos, facilitating an in-depth exploration of craftsmanship and design nuances. This transparent and proactive communication approach ensures customer engagement, trust, and satisfaction in Reihey's product development process.
4. Upon Lovecocoa's confirmation of the sample through photos and videos, Reihey promptly dispatched a set of five samples to Lovecoca, for more deep view and inspection. The comprehensive cost for these five samples stands at $95, accompanied by a shipping fee of $55 for delivery to the UK within a swift 7-day timeframe. This seamless and efficient process underscores Reihey's commitment to delivering both quality and convenience to its valued customers.

Case 2: Glass jars for Cosmetics storage

1.Ana Caplea comes from genesiscosmetics in Canada. The customer needs a 15-30ml glass jar for packaging saffron. Reihey sent 25ml and 30ml glass jars to customers for them to choose.

2.The customer loved the 2 glass jars and requested a quote for 1000pcs each style.
After checking the quotation, the customer thought that shipping by sea,DDP was a bit expensive. Reihhey checked on Google based on the customer's address and found that the nearest port to the customer was Vancouver, the shipping cost of CIF Vancouver is cheaper than shipping by sea.
3. Customer sends logo file

4.A few days later, the customer sent an updated logo file, and Reihey supported the customer's modifications and remade the sticker logo.

5.The customer wanted to make a decal logo, but considering that this is a samll order, Reihey suggested that it would be better forcustomer to make waterproof PVC self-adhesive labels, which could help customer save some costs.
6.Based on the customer's logo, Reihey sends the customer a picture of the location and size of the logo printed on the glass jar and lid. After checking it, the customer thought the logo was in a good position and only needed to adjust the size of the label to 3 inches * 1 inch.
7.Reihey helped the customer adjust the size of label. After the sample is completed, Reihey sent photos and videos of the glass jars with labels to customers.

8.Deal.The bulk order of 1000pcs shiping by CIF Vancouver,total shipping cost to Canada is $172.08,the shipping time is about 22-25 days.

Case 3: Glass jars for candies packing

Carole Jais, a valued customer from Belgium, approached us with a requirement for new packaging for his candies. The desired packaging included 1L and 2L glass jars.

Material and Size Selection:
In response to Carole's specifications regarding the material and size of the packaging, our team, led by Reihey, diligently curated a selection of bag options. Several pictures showcasing different types of bags were presented to the customer for consideration.

Cotton Bag Selection:
After a thorough evaluation, Reihey identified several suitable cotton bags that aligned with Carole's preferences. These options were then sent to the customer for confirmation, ensuring that the chosen bags met the desired criteria.

Sample Confirmation:
Carole had the opportunity to confirm the samples of both the glass jars and the selected cotton bags. This step was crucial in ensuring that the final products met Carole's expectations and quality standards.

Visual Presentation:
Reihey, understanding the importance of visual communication, provided Carole with detailed photos showcasing the glass jars neatly packaged with the selected cotton bags. This step allowed Carole to visualize the final presentation of his candies to end customers.

Sample Packaging:
Following Carole's approval of the samples, our team proceeded to expertly package 14 glass jars with the finalized cotton bags. This step aimed to simulate the actual packaging process and ensure that the products were securely and aesthetically presented.

Shipping Details:
The finalized order, consisting of 14 glass jars and corresponding cotton bags, was shipped to Belgium via UPS. The total shipping cost amounted to $277.58, and the entire shipment was estimated to reach Carole's destination within a swift 7-day period. This expedited shipping service was chosen to meet Carole's timeline and delivery expectations.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between our team and Carole Jais resulted in a tailored packaging solution that not only met but exceeded the customer's expectations. We remain committed to providing exceptional service and customized solutions to our valued clientele.

More projects will update...

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