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Q:Purchasing from China will save my budget?

It is most likely more cost-effective. But not every glass jar purchase from China will help you save money, although our product price advantage, but the cost of international transportation is not cheap, especially if the product you need is large and the total number of purchases is small.
But if you need customization your own glass jar, Reihey has a big advantage.

Q:What shapes and colors are available?

Reihey offers a wide range of glass jar models. The shapes of glass jars include Mason Jar, Round Jars, Square Jars, Hexagonal Jars, Oval Jars, and Specialty Shapes. Common colors for glass jars include Clear, Amber/Brown, Green, Blue, White/Opal, Colored Tint, and Reihey also provides customization options for the shape and color of glass jars

Q:Can I get a Sample for Testing?

Yes,You can obtain existing samples before customizing glass jars. Understanding the glass jars based on these samples before proceeding with customization will be more efficient. This also gives you an opportunity to assess our product quality and whether it meets your packaging requirements

Q:How can I get my own glass jar design?

If you have logo files, Reihey can assist you in creating glass jar samples directly. If you need to start from scratch, you may need to hire a designer and communicate with him to complete the design. 
Please note if you are ready to collaborate with Reihey, Reihey can also provide designer services at half the market price, with this cost deducted from bulk orders

Q:How much to make my glass jar mold? Is it expensive?

Normal glass jar cost start from 100-200USD, But the cost of creating a custom glass jar mold varies depending on factors like design complexity, size, and quantity. Highly intricate or non-standard designs, larger sizes, and unique shapes may lead to more expensive molds. 

Q: How to choosing caps and closures for my glass jar?

To select the right caps and closures for your glass jars, start by understanding your product's nature and requirements, then choose a suitable closure type and material. Ensure the closure provides the necessary sealing properties, considering liners or seals if needed. Match the closure size to the jar's neck, and prioritize safety features if necessary. Aesthetics and branding opportunities matter, but balance them with functionality and cost considerations.

Q:How will my order be shipped?

We offer a variety of transportation options. For large quantities, sea freight is the preferred choice, which can significantly reduce your shipping costs. If you're not familiar with international trade, door-to-door shipping might be your preferred option. We will handle all aspects of international shipping, including customs, and associated costs, allowing you to simply wait at home

Q:What if I received Damaged Products?

The transportation of glass products does come with the risk of breakage; however, our large bulk orders have never encountered such risks. We use pallets to protect the goods during sea shipping. If your product is damaged during courier shipping as a sample, we will resend the goods. If your order is a small batch, we will provide corresponding compensation or include the damaged product for free in your next order.

Q: I have more question.

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2. saler: Bella@reihey.com
3. VP: Cole@reihey.com
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