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Reihey is a professional manufacturer of glass bottles and glassware. Our products span across various industries, including alcoholic beverages, beauty and cosmetics, home and lifestyle, pharmaceutical storage, and more. Since 1981, we have been customizing products for clients in different sectors. You can add your logo, choose from various lids, incorporate decorations, or even design and manufacture a unique glass container from scratch. 

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1. LIGHT CUSTOMIZATION-Add logo on a glass container

Adding a brand logo to glass containers enhances brand visibility and shapes brand identity. Showcasing a distinctive emblem on products helps brands stand out in a competitive market, fostering consumer trust. The presence of a logo conveys brand values and quality commitments while adding a sense of exclusivity to the product. This brand identification aids consumers in easily recognizing and choosing products from a specific brand during the shopping process, ultimately boosting sales and fostering customer loyalty.
Screen printing
In the glass container manufacturing industry, "silk screen printing logo" refers to a method of imprinting logos or designs onto the surface of glass using a silk screen stencil. This process involves applying ink through the stencil onto the glass, creating a durable and visually appealing logo. Silk screen printing allows for precise detailing, vibrant colors, and a professional finish on glass containers. It is a popular choice for branding glass products as it offers a high level of customization and ensures that the logo remains prominent and resistant to wear and tear.
Vinyl Decals
"Vinyl Decals" refers to a decorative technique where a design, logo, or pattern is applied to glass surfaces using a decalcomania transfer. The decal is typically a thin, specially prepared paper bearing the desired image. During the manufacturing process, the decal is wetted and carefully transferred onto the glass, ensuring the design adheres seamlessly. Subsequently, the glass undergoes a firing process to permanently affix the decal. Decals offer a versatile and detailed means of decorating glass containers, allowing for intricate designs, color variations, and a high-quality finish.
Laser Engraving
"Laser Engraving" is a technique where a laser beam is used to etch or engrave designs, logos, or text onto the surface of glass. This process provides precise and detailed customization, allowing for intricate patterns and fine details. The laser engraving method is known for its accuracy and the ability to create permanent, high-quality markings on glass containers. It offers a durable and visually appealing way to add branding or decorative elements to glass products, making it a popular choice for customization in the industry.
PVC Stickers
"PVC Stickers" refer to adhesive labels made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material. These stickers are pre-printed with designs, logos, or information and have an adhesive backing that allows them to be easily applied to the surface of glass containers. PVC stickers offer a cost-effective and efficient way to add branding or decorative elements to glass products. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, providing versatility in design options. While not as permanent as some other methods, PVC stickers are a convenient choice for short-term or temporary branding solutions on glass containers.
Spray Coating
"Spray Coating" refers to a process where a thin layer of coating is applied to the surface of glass containers using a spray application method. This coating can serve various purposes, including enhancing the aesthetic appeal, providing protective layers, or adding specific functionalities. The spray coating process involves evenly distributing a liquid solution or mixture onto the glass surface, creating a uniform and controlled layer. This method allows for customization in terms of color, texture, and functionality, offering manufacturers the ability to meet specific design and performance requirements for glass containers.
Glass Etching
"Glass Etching" is a technique that involves the use of abrasive or corrosive substances to create decorative patterns, designs, or text on the surface of glass. The process typically involves applying a stencil or a protective coating to the glass, leaving exposed areas where the etching will occur. The glass is then treated with an abrasive material, such as acid or sandblasting, which removes a thin layer of glass and creates the desired etched design. Glass etching provides a permanent and visually appealing way to customize glass containers with intricate and finely detailed markings.

Comparison of different logo customization methods of glass jar

Printing Methods
Sample cost(USD)
Sample Lead time(Days)
Clear Sticker
Not waterproof
Easy to tear off
PVC Sticker
Low- cost
Easy to tear off
Screen Printing
Durable,not easy to fade and peel off
Printing colors are limited,printing accuracy is limited
Laser Engraving
High precision and accuracy,durable,and not easy to fade
Not suitable for complex logos
Glass Etching
High precision,suitable for varioustypes and shapes of glass materials
Not suitable for complex logos
Vinyl ecals
Durable,not easy to fade and fall off,when cleaning
High cost,suitable for bulk order

LIGHT CUSTOMIZATION-Choose a lip for glass container

The following customization options are illustrated using the example of a glass jar, but these customized choices and workflows are also applicable to other glass containers.
Metal cap

Glass products that often require a metal cap include bottles for beverages like wine, spirits, and beer, as well as jars used for preserving food. Perfume bottles commonly have metal caps for protection and aesthetics, while cosmetics containers may utilize metal caps for secure closure. Candle holders use metal caps to extinguish flames, and light fixtures incorporate metal caps to secure glass shades and connect electrical components. These are some examples of glass products that typically require a metal cap for functional or decorative purposes.

Aluminum cap

Glass products that often require an aluminum cap include beverage bottles like carbonated drinks, such as sodas and sparkling water. Aluminum caps provide an effective seal to prevent the escape of carbonation and maintain the freshness of the drink. Additionally, aluminum caps are commonly used for glass jars containing food products like pickles and sauces, offering a reliable closure that helps preserve the contents and prevent spoilage. The lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties of aluminum make it an ideal choice for these applications, ensuring the quality and longevity of the glass products.

Wood cap

Glass products that may require a wooden cap often include containers used for storing spices or herbs. These glass jars or bottles with wooden caps provide an aesthetic and natural touch to the packaging. The wooden cap not only adds a rustic or organic look to the product but also helps to maintain the freshness and aroma of the contents. The natural properties of wood, such as its ability to absorb moisture and provide a snug fit, make it a suitable choice for preserving the quality of spices and herbs stored in glass containers. The combination of glass and wooden caps creates an appealing and eco-friendly packaging solution for these types of products.

2. Deep customization-Tailor-Made Glass Solutions to Elevate Your Brand

Deep customization means create a unique glass product, include unique shapes and size, and also include all the items of light customization, Deep customization is great for glass cups, bottles, and jars. Companies often need special designs. Unique shapes and sizes can make a brand stand out. This helps in marketing. This can help in storing and shipping. Custom designs can also tell a brand story. This builds a connection with buyers. In short, deep customization gives companies an edge. It helps in branding and practical matters.
Glass Jar Materials
Customizing "Glass Jar Materials" involves selecting specific types of glass to suit desired properties. Manufacturers can choose from options like soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass, or colored glass based on transparency, durability, or aesthetic preferences. This customization extends to shape, size, and additional features like embossing or unique closures. These choices not only cater to functional requirements but also enhance brand identity. For example, opting for eco-friendly materials aligns with sustainability goals.
Glass Jar Dimension
"Glass Jar Dimensions" involves specifying the size, shape, and capacity of the jars. Manufacturers can tailor these aspects to meet precise packaging requirements, accommodating various product volumes and storage needs. This customization allows for unique and distinctive jar designs, contributing to brand differentiation on the shelf. Additionally, selecting specific dimensions ensures efficiency in shipping, storage, and display.
Glass Jar Colors
Customizing "Glass Jar Colors" involves selecting hues that complement brand aesthetics or product identity. Manufacturers can choose from a spectrum of colors, including clear, amber, or custom tinting. This customization not only enhances visual appeal but also influences product perception on the market. Colored glass can provide UV protection for light-sensitive contents, extending shelf life. Moreover, it allows for creative packaging that aligns with brand themes.
Jar Lid, Cap And Closure
Customizing "Jar Lid, Cap, and Closure" involves selecting materials, designs, and features for optimal functionality and branding. Manufacturers can choose from a range of materials, including metal or plastic, and customize closure mechanisms such as screw caps or cork stoppers. This customization not only ensures a secure seal but also aligns with the brand's aesthetics.
Glass Jar Shapes
"Glass Jar Shapes" involves defining unique contours and structures to align with brand identity. Manufacturers can tailor jars to distinctive shapes, enhancing shelf presence and brand recognition. Customization options include variations in body design, neck shapes, and base structures. These choices not only offer aesthetic appeal but also contribute to ergonomic handling and storage efficiency.
Various Packaging Boxes
"Various Packaging Boxes" involves designing and selecting specific box types to enhance product presentation. Manufacturers can choose from options like windowed boxes, eco-friendly packaging, or custom shapes. This customization extends to printing techniques, allowing for branded graphics, product information, and visual storytelling. Tailoring packaging boxes not only ensures secure transportation but also serves as a marketing tool on shelves.

3. Five steps to Make Your owne Glass product

1.Identifying Your product Idea

The client shares their vision and requirements for the custom glass bottle. We encourage our clients to consider aspects such as size, shape, color, type of glass, and any special features or functionalities. At Reihey, we are always ready to provide insights based on our industry expertise to help clients refine their ideas.

2.Custom product Drawing

At Reihey, our talented design team takes the client’s brief and translates it into detailed drawings or 3D models. This is a collaborative effort as we encourage the client to review the drawings and provide feedback. Our team is agile and can make necessary revisions until the client is fully satisfied with the design.
Reihey will help you include:

Bottle and closure design
Dispensing and dosing systems
Ergonomics and form factors
Rapid prototyping

3.Making glass product Mold

Reihey's engineering team takes charge at this stage, employing precision engineering to develop molds that match the design specifications. We understand the importance of accuracy and quality in mold creation, and we make sure to keep the client informed of the progress.

4.Processing Glass Sample

Reihey produces a sample of the custom glass bottle to ensure that it meets the design specifications and quality standards. The client's input is invaluable at this stage; we seek their approval and are willing to make any necessary adjustments to the sample based on their feedback.

5.Custom Glass Manufacturing and Packaging

At Reihey, we ensure a streamlined production process with rigorous quality control. If the client has specific packaging requirements, we are happy to accommodate them. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality glass products and fulfilling our commitments in terms of timelines and standards.

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We are committed to providing you with the best custom glass bottles for your needs and a seamless service experience. The Reihey team is always available to attend to your inquiries.

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Home decor glass jars manufactured by Reihey, come across in various shapes, sizes and finish. Their candle jars, candle cup are the most popular items to decorate your house.
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The custom glass jar manufacturer also supplies durable, safe and strong beverage jars like the coffee jars, champagne jars, juice bottles which are just perfect for all your beverage related needs.
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