January 30, 2023

How To Open A Glass Bottle: 15 Incredible Ways To Teach

We may be tempted to have a refreshingly cold beer, although the occasion for this idea to arise does not necessarily have a bottle opener. If you don't find yourself with a bottle opener within easy reach, there are many ways to open the cap.

open glass bottle

How to open a glass bottle without a bottle opener?

If you are near a house, it is easy to open glass bottles using household items you have around. Some of these methods you didn't even know were useful. While you may think that a bottle opener is the only way, you will find some surprising other methods.

Here are various ways to open glass bottles without a corkscrew, so there's always a party trick you can master.

1.  A Key

This is a relatively easy way to open glass bottles, and it is best to use a sharper key. Hold the glass bottle in your non-dominant hand, with your thumb firmly holding the top of the cap. Hold the end of the key in your other hand and place it under the bottle's lid. Pull the back of the key upwards to lift the rim, turn the bottle and repeat until the cap comes off.

A Key

2.  A Balm

The lip balm is also an effective way to open the glass bottle. You must only apply a little pressure to get the cap off the bottle. Hold the neck of the bottle with your non-dominant hand and place the lip balm between the index finger of your other hand and the bottom of the cap. As lip balm now acts as a lever like this, you only need to lift the top of the beer gently, and the lid will come off.

3.  A Scissors

Using scissors as a makeshift corkscrew is an ideal substitute, but use caution. Open the scissors halfway, so the blades are V-shaped. Place the blade intersections on the underside of the cap and push the handle down to squeeze them slowly. Until the bottle is pried open and the lid pops off. Ensure the scissors are pointing away from you during this process to avoid stabbing you.

A Scissors

4.  The Folded Paper or Bill

Any object that is hard and dense enough can be used to open the lid of a glass bottle. Even paper and banknotes can be achieved. Fold a piece of printer paper or banknote in half vertically and roll it as tightly as possible. Then fold it once more, ensuring that the bent edges are strong enough. Place the folded paper under the notch of the bottle cap and push upwards to pop the cap off.

The Folded Paper

5.  A Ring

Can't find any tools? No problem; the ring you wear on your hand also makes it easy to pop the cap off the bottle. Place your hand on the cap of the bottle so that the ring snaps onto the top of the cap. Tilt the bottle towards your hand at an angle of 45 degrees so that the cap fits snugly on the ring. Apply pressure to the top of the cap and tilt your hand back until the ring pries the cap off. Before using this method, make sure your ring is made of steel or titanium. It is best not to use a ring made of precious gold, such as silver or metal, as it may cause your ring to warp.

A Ring

6.  Countertop

This is the oldest technique and can be performed on any surface with a defined edge. Place the edge of the cap against the counter and tilt the bottle at an angle of 30 degrees. Hold the bottle firmly in place with your non-dominant hand while you tap the cap with the other hand. If you are a professional, you may be able to cause the cap to pop out with the first tap. It usually takes two or three taps to get the cap to come off smoothly.


7.  A Lighter

If you have an essential lighter handy, pop the cap off the bottle! Hold the bottle in your non-dominant hand, about 1 inch from the cap. Place the bottom edge of the lighter on the bottom rim of the lid and slide your hand up the neck of the bottle to hold the lighter in place. Push the lighter down, so it presses against the cap and pops it off.

A Lighter

8.  A Belt Buckle

This method is not suitable for a formal party. But if you're alone or around good friends, it doesn't matter. These days, many belts come with built-in bottle openers. All you need to do is remove your belt and place the metal U shape of the belt buckle underneath the bottle cap. Then use your thumb to push down on the other side of the belt buckle with enough force to pry the cap off.

A Belt Buckle

9.  A Door

If you can't find an alternative to a bottle opener in your home, you can choose your door. Your door needs to have a metal plate around the latch's hole. Tilt your bottle so that the edge of the cap is wedged into the open latch. Gently pull back on the bottle, and it's open!

A Door

10.  A Fork or Spoon

Hold the neck of the bottle with your non-dominant hand, leaving about 1 inch from the cap. Use the edge of a spoon or fork to pry the lid off the bottle. Hold the edge of the metal fork or spoon against the underside of the cap and push down on the spoon's handle, and the cap will be pried off.

A Fork or Spoon

11.  A Screwdriver or Hammer

Dig out your toolbox, find a flat-head screwdriver or crook hammer, and use them as a substitute for a bottle opener. Place the end of the flat-head screwdriver underneath the bottle cap and use leverage to pry the lid off.

A crook hammer will work just as well. Turn the crozier upside down and place the claw end under the edge of the cap. Then carefully lift the crock hammer until you can remove the cap.


12.  Another bottle

This method has been used so often that it is an old and commonly used method. All you need to do is turn one bottle upside down and snap the ridge of the cap onto the other bottle's lid. By holding them steady, you can pull off the cap of the other bottle. Isn't it very effective?

Another bottle

13.  Rubber Band

If you have a rubber band on your wrist, you can also use the rubber band to pry open the cap of your bottle. Wrap the rubber band around the cap several times until you can get a firm grip. Turn it counterclockwise until the cap pops off. If you want to add stability, you can also use two rubber bands.

Rubber Band

How to open a wine bottle without an opener?

If you are now trying to open wine bottles instead of beer bottles, how do you open them without a bottle opener?

● With screws and a fork

Screw the screw into the cork and through the centre of the cork. Place the screw head about 1 inch above the cork and clamp the screw with a fork. Shake the jar hammer back and forth and try to turn the bottle until the cork pops out.

open wine bottle

● With tennis shoes

Place the bottle into your tennis shoe snugly against the insole. Remember, don't use your high heels or flat shoes that will accidentally break your bottle. Tap the heel of the tennis shoe containing the bottle against a hard surface so that the cork can pop out of the neck of the bottle. Or, when you can grab the cork, choose to pull the rest out by hand.

open wine bottle 2


There are various ways to open a bottle without using a bottle opener. However, it is worth noting that most people cannot open larger beer bottles with one hand, as many videos on YouTube imply. Performing these party tricks requires years of training (and plenty of space), and even then, there is still a risk that something could go wrong. Therefore, please use extreme caution to avoid injury when attempting any of these methods.

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