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Made from premium-quality glass, these containers offer a safe and hygienic storage solution for your culinary creations. The transparent design allows you to easily identify the contents while adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. With their airtight lids, these containers keep your food fresh for longer and prevent leakage, making them ideal for meal prepping, leftovers, and pantry organization. The durable and microwave-safe glass construction enables seamless reheating, and the stackable design saves valuable space in your cabinets. Embrace a more sustainable and organized approach to food storage with our Glass Food Containers.
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How to Choose Custom Service?

Choose Deep Customization for unique, brand-defining product designs tailored to your needs. Opt for Light Customization for quick, cost-effective modifications on our standard products. Both ensure quality, brand-boosting results for your packaging needs.
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Deep customize (Unique Size)
Deep Customization lets you create a unique identity with tailored glass bottles. Specify size, choose material and color, brand with your logo, and select the perfect cap type. Craft your bottle from scratch, ensuring it represents your brand and meets your exact functional requirements. Truly, a bottle like no other!You can choose the right glass bottle for your business by viewing our website glass bottle details introduction
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Light Customization
Light Customization offers quick, cost-effective tweaks to our standard glass bottles. With a low MOQ of less than 3000 pieces, enhance your packaging by adding simple touches such as your logo or changing the cap type. Perfect for smaller runs or when time and budget are key considerations.
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About Reihey
We are a premier Chinese glass manufacturer, blending tradition and innovation. Our expertise lies in producing high-quality, customizable glass bottles. From deep, bespoke designs to light, cost-effective alterations, we cater to diverse packaging needs. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we turn your vision into reality.
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Thanks to our years of experience, we're great at giving professional and detailed advice and guidance in international trade, especially in payments, shipping, and after-sales service. Whether you are experienced in international trade or not, choosing Reihey will make communication and transactions smooth and enjoyable for you.
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Square + lid
Enjoy the convenience of our Square Lunch Glass Food Containers that are microwave-safe and come with secure lids. These containers offer a practical and versatile solution for storing and reheating your meals. The square shape maximizes storage space while the glass material ensures durability and easy cleaning.
These containers are perfect for meal prepping, allowing you to plan and portion your food in advance. The round shape promotes even heating, and the clear glass design allows you to easily identify the contents inside.
Enhance your meal prepping routine with our 2 Compartment Airtight Glass Meal Prep Containers. These containers feature separate compartments, allowing you to keep your food items separate and fresh. The airtight lids ensure leak-proof and spill-proof storage, making them ideal for on-the-go meals or portion control.
These specially designed containers provide a safe and hygienic solution for storing baby food. The glass material is free from harmful chemicals and retains the freshness of the food. The small sizes are perfect for portioning and easy feeding.
These containers offer superior heat resistance, making them ideal for reheating or warming food. The amber color helps protect the contents from harmful UV rays, ensuring longer freshness. The set includes various sizes to accommodate different portions and meal sizes.

Benefits for Food Sector

In-House design to incorporate your brand

Courtesy of our design team’s tremendous efforts, Reihey’s designs are deemed competitive and highly-acclaimed in the market. We offer various designs to incorporate your personalized branding strategy and customized molding for any bottle sizes. Our in-house loading and discharging are relatively easy. These are mostly used for packaging foods. Diversified shapes are also patronized.


Customized molding for any bottle size

Custom-made glass bottles are Reihey’s specialty. Most of our clients choose to go with a customized and personalized glass mold. This mold and glass bottle design is private and exclusively owned by our clients’ brands. Reihey offers know-how and technology as well as artistic aesthetics and inspiration for glass bottle design and manufacturing.


100% natural sustainable

Reihey is aiming to become developed in terms of environmental capabilities​. Hence, we are now carrying out a technical renovation of the original fuel structure of the glass furnace. We also use energy-saving technology that utilizes clean energy natural gas as a Kiln Fuel. This fuel improves the calorific value of fuel; the rate of finished goods; and the quality of products.


Contracts: After the communication and samples from both sides,We need to sign a contract before next step. If you have no confidentiality requirements, the contract is usually a PI. 

Payments: Then you pay the advance payment to us according to the agreed payment channels and methods, we provide a variety of common payment methods, common T/T, secured transaction, L/C, small order you can also choose paupal, Western Union, etc., the final payment has a variety of options, including before delivery, see the copy of the bill of lading and so on. 

Production: The production time is determined by the actual order quantity. If the order volume is large or the customized project is especially complicated, more than 90% of our orders are completed within 2-3 weeks.
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Contracts, payments, production 

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