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As an experienced Home Decor Glass Container manufacturer, Reihey offers wholesale and custom business for various Home Decor Glass Containers. Our Home Decor Glass Containers are sold in over 70 countries, at here, you can also definitely get satisfactory products and services.

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As a Chinese supplier, we have a strong production system and experience, so we have a wide variety of glass bottles. We hope to provide you with a convenient way to help you quickly find glass bottles that meet your business.

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Why Choose REIHEY

Glass Materials Keep Flavor Brilliant and Fresh

Reihey strives to maintain its quality products. That's why, in every inspection of every item, we were able to distinguish what was wrong. The total content of lead, calcium and mercury in our products is less than or equal to 200 mg/kg. These describe the safe use of Reihey products. Most importantly, our products have always been arsenic and lead free. We also further our conservation policy through agreements. We also perform sample processing and laboratory analysis of our products.

Customized Design to Attract Repeat Customers

Reihey’s products can be customized according to what one pleases. Our special dedication to style our products can be seen from our high-tech and stylish customizations. Different mold designs, colors, shapes, and sizes can be modified into one’s desired product. With Reihey, creativity and personal branding are heavily emphasized.

Order Glass Containers for Food & Beverage in Bulk

Reiheys food and beverage glass containers can be ordered at a certain amount. In particular, a standard MOQ of 1000 pieces is allowed. One can surely enjoy the features and designs of our products. Reihey offers a wide range of selection to choose from. Don’t hesitate to give us your best proposal possible now.

Unmatched Elegance and Sophistication

Glassware adds a touch of refinement and class to any space, instantly elevating the aesthetic appeal. Whether it's a crystal vase, a decorative bowl, or a stunning glass sculpture, the transparent nature of glass creates a sense of openness and lightness, making the room feel brighter and more inviting. The smooth and polished surfaces of glassware also contribute to a sleek and modern look, blending seamlessly with various interior styles and complementing existing decor elements.

Versatile Design Options

Glass can be shaped and molded into countless forms, allowing for a wide range of creative and unique designs. From intricate patterns to sleek minimalistic styles, there is a glassware design to suit every taste and preference. Glassware also offers a wide spectrum of colors, from clear and transparent to vibrant hues, providing endless possibilities for customization and coordination with different color schemes and decor themes.

Functional and Practical

Home decor glassware not only adds aesthetic value but also serves a practical purpose. Glassware items such as vases, candle holders, and decorative bowls are not just decorative accents but also functional pieces that can be used to hold and display various items. They can showcase fresh flowers, and floating candles, or even act as storage for small trinkets. The transparency of glass also allows you to easily see the contents, making it convenient for organizing and displaying items.


Deep Customization lets you create a unique identity with tailored glass bottles. Specify size, choose material and color, brand with your logo, and select the perfect cap type. Craft your bottle from scratch, ensuring it represents your brand and meets your exact functional requirements. Truly, a bottle like no other!You can choose the right glass bottle for your business by viewing our website glass bottle details introduction
• Customizable contents (Build new molds):

Light Customization

Light Customization offers quick, cost-effective tweaks to our standard glass bottles. With a low MOQ of less than 3000 pieces, enhance your packaging by adding simple touches such as your logo or changing the cap type. Perfect for smaller runs or when time and budget are key considerations.
• Customizable contents (Build new molds):

Contracts: After the communication and samples from both sides,We need to sign a contract before next step. If you have no confidentiality requirements, the contract is usually a PI. 

Payments: Then you pay the advance payment to us according to the agreed payment channels and methods, we provide a variety of common payment methods, common T/T, secured transaction, L/C, small order you can also choose paupal, Western Union, etc., the final payment has a variety of options, including before delivery, see the copy of the bill of lading and so on. 

Production: The production time is determined by the actual order quantity. If the order volume is large or the customized project is especially complicated, more than 90% of our orders are completed within 2-3 weeks.

Contracts, payments, production 

Inspection, transportation, customs clearance 

The process include: our meticulous Inspection ensures that the glass product meets the highest standards. It is then securely packed for Transportation to safeguard against damage. Upon arrival at your country, the shipment undergoes Customs Clearance, where it is examined and requisite duties are settled, ensuring a seamless delivery to you.


As a glassware manufacturer in China, we focused on wholesale and custom glass cup, glass Jar, glass bottle,We will help you surpass your peers in cost and quickly gain advantages in procurement.

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