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As an experienced glass bottle manufacturer, Reihey offers wholesale and custom business for various glass bottles. Our glass bottles are sold in over 70 countries, at here, you can also definitely get satisfactory bottles and services.

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As a Chinese supplier, we have a strong production system and experience, so we have a wide variety of glass products. We hope to provide you with a convenient way to help you quickly find glasswares that meet your business.

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You can choose the right glass packaging for your business by viewing our website glassware details introduction
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Contact us directly by phone or email, you can directly send us the photos of the glasswares you need and our sales will reply to you within 24hours. any time.

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Download our latest glass packaging catalog and check, as China Glassware manufacturer, we have more than 1200 kinds of SKU.

What Food Is Packaged In Glass Packaging?

Jams & Jellies
salsas & Chutneys
Fruits & Vegetables
soups & Stews
Pickling & Relishes

Why Choose Us For Wholesale Glass Packaging?

Directly purchase your glass packaging from China manufacturer is a key to sucess. You can apply your customize needs directly, no restrict anymore. You can also save much money than buy glassware in local, especially when your order bulk glassware.

Parts of our customers want to a trial order before bulk glass product order, so we prepare penty instock glass jar on warehouse, you can buy from 50pcs, 100pcs. and total cost about 25USD, 35USD. that will great reduce new buyer budget pression.

It is necessary to make a sample before placing a bulk glassware order. This will also greatly facilitate your communication with our glassware  production. We will refund you this part of the sample fee in subsequent bulk orders.

We'll work with you throughout the course of your project to help you quickly move from customize mind to production, including decorate options and inspection reporting.

Benefits for Food & Beverage Sector

In-House design to incorporate your brand

Courtesy of our design team’s tremendous efforts, Reihey’s designs are deemed competitive and highly-acclaimed in the market. We offer various designs to incorporate your personalized branding strategy and customized molding for any bottle sizes. Our in-house loading and discharging are relatively easy. These are mostly used for packaging foods. Diversified shapes are also patronized.


Customized molding for any bottle size

Custom-made glass bottles are Reihey’s specialty. Most of our clients choose to go with a customized and personalized glass mold. This mold and glass bottle design is private and exclusively owned by our clients’ brands. Reihey offers know-how and technology as well as artistic aesthetics and inspiration for glass bottle design and manufacturing.


100% natural sustainable

Reihey is aiming to become developed in terms of environmental capabilities​. Hence, we are now carrying out a technical renovation of the original fuel structure of the glass furnace. We also use energy-saving technology that utilizes clean energy natural gas as a Kiln Fuel. This fuel improves the calorific value of fuel; the rate of finished goods; and the quality of products.

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