Custom Bottle Packaging Design

When you want your brand to stand out, custom glass bottles are the way to go. You can make your bottles unique in shape, color, closure, or decorative labeling. Customization also ensures that the glass bottle design suits your product..

Reihey Minimum Order Quantity

At Reihey, we offer a wide range of durable and stylish bottles. Reihey has a minimum order quantity of 100,000 bottles for various liquid products under 100ml.

We have a large selection of quality 100-150ml bottles on our website. For these bottles, our minimum order quantity is 30,000 pieces. Suitable for packaging a variety of liquid products.

Our unbelievable 150ml bottle set has a minimum order quantity of 50,00 pieces. These bottles are stylish and made using 3D models with an attractive packaging bottle look.

How To Make Your Custom Glass Bottles Step By Step

1.Identifying Your Glass Bottle Idea

Whether we're working from a sketch or we’re using a sample of another container, or just discussing your ideas, we will be working patiently with you to comprehend your exact requirements.
Our design team will further investigate your requirements and not only generate ideas that suit your original brief, but will also take into consideration a feasible price as well as manufacturing alternatives and improvements to aid production and filling.

2.Custom Glass Bottle Drawing

Once the design has been created, a bottle specification drawing is produced to define measurable features of the bottle, whilst observing the manufacturing limits. At this stage, we need to validate the technical specification prior to production.
Our cross-functional team of industrial designers and engineers is ready to assist with:

Bottle and closure design
Dispensing and dosing systems
Ergonomics and form factors
Rapid prototyping

3.Making Custom Glass Bottle Molds

Molds are the key to realizing your ideas in glass. Reihey's aim is to offer a complete range of custom bottle molding and tooling services to match your required bottle shapes.
With its ability to supply molds, neck rings, and any other components required for the molding process, Reihey is your one-stop shop for all your container molding needs.

4.Processing Glass Bottle Sample

Once the trial mold equipment is received and a suitable production slot is confirmed, we proceed to manufacture glass bottle samples to ensure that we are happy with the production and that it meets your requirements.
You will have the opportunity to test the samples down your filling line, label them and check their compatibility with the closure and secondary packing, before giving formal approval to proceed to bulk production.

5.Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturing and Packaging

The manufacturing process begins with treated raw materials being fed into a melting furnace. When the mixture is melted, it’s put into molds. The ‘Blow and Blow’ or ‘Press and Blow’ formation methods are used to form the bottles. 
After cooling, a rigorous quality inspection follows before careful packaging for delivery.

Reihey Custom Made Glass Container Options

Glass Bottle

Reihey has over 40 years of experience in the custom glass bottle manufacturing business. This allows us to focus on improving our glass bottle manufacturing to meet your expectations. We personalize your bottle by changing the shape, color, closure or decorative label. Our custom guaranteed glass bottles are designed to fit your product.

Glass Jar

Reihey is one of the world's top manufacturers of custom glass jars. We employ the help of professional jar makers and designers who are committed to providing glass jars you can trust. You can count on us to continuously respond to your specific needs and provide custom glass jars to your specifications.

Professional Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturer

At Reihey, we have 41 years of business experience. Our state-of-the-art factory run by knowledgeable staff has 8 production lines and the latest precision technology. It is because of this efficiency that we can provide you with very competitive prices, high quality glass products and timely delivery.

We are committed to providing you with the best custom glass bottles for your needs and a seamless service experience. The Reihey team is always available to attend to your inquiries.

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