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It's not just a label, it's your brand.

To distinctively speak for a brand, labels must fit the purpose of the product and be able to convey the product information properly. We can advise you on the complexities of label design, production and application.

Oval, rectangular and circular custom labels can be custom printed with your unique logo, artwork or design. Please upload your labeling work file, and we will guide you through the labeling and finishing process.

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Make your glass containers stand out from the crowd.

As a leader in the glass container sector, Reihey provide multiple decoration procedures 
to improve the appearance of your products.

Decals and Transfers
Hot Stamping
Crackled Finish
Screen Printing
Spray Painting

Decals and Transfers

Reihey offers accurate, high-quality transfer of decals to a variety of glassware. Decals allow the areas that cannot be screen printed in multiple colors to be reached. All transfers are hand applied by our specially trained transfer team and are cured thoroughly to ensure a durable and visually aesthetic end product for your brand.

Benefit from

1. Sufficient space layer
2. Bright in color
3. Minimized color difference
4. Excellent reproducibility
5. Suitable for large-scale production


Each bottle is carefully masked, machined etched and painted, resulting in a truly unique work of art. Lasers are an excellent choice for glasswork, as their speed and accuracy is preferred to traditional methods by many. When the laser beam hits the surface of the glass, the surface is heated and fine glass particles are blasted off. There’s no depth to the image that’s engraved into the glass, just a crisp frosted effect.

Benefit from

1. High resistance to washing, breakage, and wear and tear
2. Automated process greatly reduces hand labor required
3. Ideal for glass drinkware


Frosting for glass bottles is another way to improve the quality and feel of your glass bottles, making them look quite unique and elegant. Silk printing or decal can also be applied to the bottles after frosting. Reihey provides total or partial frosted effect by applying a mask before the acid operation.

Benefit from

1. Stunning smooth surface
2. Compatible with multi-color screen prints
3. Good light transmission
4. Elegant appearance
5. Anti-fingerprint

Hot Stamping

During hot stamping, a text or image, previously imprinted on metallized foil, is transferred directly onto the glass container. The most important advantage of our technology is that the previous stage of glass burning in a hot oven is no longer required, while the quality and vivid colors of the transferred image remain flawless.

Benefit from

1. Wide range of colors
2. Scratch resistance
3. Resistance to wear
4. Light fastness

Crackled Finish

Crackle is a finish added to the glass to give it a cracked or crackled overall texture. The finish effect is added while the piece is hot, by immersing it in cold water. A sudden and extreme change in temperature shocks the glass and causes it to crack. It is then reheated to smooth and strengthened, leaving an irregular line of crackling.

Benefit from

1. Unique frosted pattern
2. Smooth surface
3. Can be applied in any color of glass

Screen Printing

In our screen printing process, ceramic paint is applied directly to the surface of a bottle and fired through a furnace. We can wrap the design 360 degrees around the bottle and overcome the limitations experienced with traditional paper labeling.

Benefit from

1. Permanent adhesion
2. No bubbling, wrinkling or torn label corners
3. Scuff proof/Waterproof/Cellar proof
4. No application issues at bottling
5. 360° design surface

Spray Painting

Spray paint offers a simple way to give your glass jar a completely new look. Besides solid colors, spray paints also come in specialty finishes, such as oil-rubbed bronze, hammered metal, glitter and even faux stone, allowing you to create a new and interesting look for your decor project.

Benefit from

1. Rich color selection
2. Excellent reflection
3. Few cracks, bubbles and bottle impurities
4.Graphic and text printing available


Based on our extensive experience in electroplated surface coating, Reihey refines glass bottles and jars in our electroplating shop to the highest quality. Metallic layers are attached to increase the visual appeal and to provide the surface with a higher level of protection against corrosion.

Benefit from

1. Luxury and premium features, brighter colors
2. Improved performance and reduced premature wear and tear
3. Smooth and uniform surface finish
4. Resistance to extremely high temperatures

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